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How To Get & Use Radagons Soreseal Elden Ring

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How To Get & Use Radagons Soreseal Elden Ring

So on this page, we will be sharing information regarding Radgons Soreseal like where to get Radagons Soreseal or how you can use Radagons Soreseal. This incredible talisman helps players to boost their stats and debuff.

As you know that the game gives you the option to Build your character based on your playstyle and at that time talismans are a great value addition to your character build that gives you a great boost on your stats and also debuff.

And if you see you will find many different Talismans in the Elden Ring game but Talisman’s like Radagon Soreseal are really worth investing your time. So now without any further ado let’s dive into the place where you can find Radagons Soreseal.

How to find Radagon’s Soreseal in Elden Ring?

If you compare this Talisman to others then you will find that this is really easy to find when we compare to Talismans. So you have to head towards the Caelid region which is quite a dangerous place with deadly enemies. This Talisman is placed at Fort Faroth, which you will find left on the path from the Selia Hideaway Site of Grace until you reach the fort. Now simply take the staircase and go down.

Once there you have to head towards the left until you reach the wooden wall with a ladder, climb the ladder and you will find the exit with the help which you will get into the abandoned area.

Now keep moving and you will find a large hole on the ground past that you will find a platform where giant rats are guarding the place. So now once you are in the secret place you will find the Radgon’s Soreseal around the corner of the area.

How to Use Radagon’s Soreseal in Elden Ring?

Once you will equip with the Radagon’s Soreseal you will get a great boost on your stats but wait there are more things that you will get by equipping this awesome Talisman. You will see. increment of five points on your Vigor, Endurance, Strength, and Dexterity stats. You must be thinking this is not much but in starting of the game it can make a good difference.

Other than that it also has debuff which increases your damage inflicted by 15% which is really massive one. It also increases your strength and damage-taking ability and adding it also helps in levelling up.

But you must not use this Talisman later in the game as the enemies you will face are much stronger and their attacks can give you great damage and can even kill you sometimes also if you are using the Talisman you can anytime sell it for 3000 Ruins.

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