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How To Get And Use Flame Sling Elden Ring




How To Get And Use Flame Sling Elden Ring

Here on this page, you can find the guide on how to get and use a flame sling in Elden Ring as Incantations are very helpful in many situations like you can covert a tough fight into a quick win as even the bosses are vulnerable to certain damages, so finding a specific one that will help you to win the battle quickly will be a great move.

And today we have a powerful Incantation for you which is Flame Sling and hope you can guess about it with the name and yes to guess it right and this Incantation is Fire Based that throws a powerful fire-bomb.

So let’s get into it and see how you can get the Flame Sling and also how you can use the incantation.

How To Get And Use Flame Sling Elden Ring

Roundtable Hold

So to get the item we need to visit Roundtable Hold (How To Unlock Roundtable Hold) where we can purchase it from Brother Corhyn. But if have reached quite far in the game then you won’t find the Prophet there and in that case you will find him at Altus Plateau.

If you know the place where you can get map for Altus Plateau then that was the place where you have visit, just next to the map shrine in the north of the Altus Highyway Site of Grace.

Flame Sling Usage

Flame Sling Elden Ring

Once you acquire the incantation you now need a Seal in order to use it, and if your character is Confessor or a Prophet thenyou already have a Seal in your inventory other wise you have to find it while exploring the or you can purchase it from merchant.

Luckily there are merchat in the room at Roundtable hold named Twin Maiden Husks the two very old women. You can purchase a finger of seal from them at a cost of 800 Runes.

Now once you have both the required items you need to reach site of grace and rest their, and then start the process and select Memorize Spell and then add the empty slot with Flame Sling.

Now once you leave the site of grace Flame Sling will visible on the upper slot but still cannot be used. Now open menu and select equipment option and then select the slot for either left or right armament then choose the Finger Seal.

And for the last part exit menu and equip Finger Seal as your weapon and the corresponding button to attack with and now you can use the weapon to kill the enemies and bosses.

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