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How To Get Alexander Unstuck Elden Ring

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How To Get Alexander Unstuck Elden RingHow To Get Alexander Unstuck Elden Ring

The first time when you will met Alexander the Iron Fist you will find him stuck in the ground asking for your help to get unstuck. But this character with Iron Fist again gets stuck later in the game. And when you unstuck him for the first time the process was not difficult and with few attacks, you will unstuck him.

But when you find him stucked for the second time we get stucked a bit deeper and you can not free him with just a few attacks rather you need a special item in order to make him free. So the item you need has to be crafted by yourself and for that, you have to procure the recipe, and below we have mentioned the complete guide regarding this.

How To Get Alexander Unstuck Elden Ring

So now we will know how to unstuck him for the second time but before making him free we need to reach him and for that, we have headed toward the Artist’s Shack situated at the Liurnia and to get to him we have to beat Starscourge Rahman in a tournament where Alexander was also taking part.

Now once you have defeated Rahdan you will find Alexander stuck in the ground and he tells you the situation is a bit complex this time and to free him something sleepy will need is an oil pot and you need this item in order to make him free.

How to Craft an Oil Pot?

How to Craft an Oil Pot?

Crafting Oil Pot is not a difficult process but we need the crafting recipe in order to create the pot and which you can find in the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook 17 (Elden Ring Cookbook Location & Recipes) to get that we have moved towards the Siofra River where we can find Nomadic Merchant.

And you have to climb the wooden scaffolding surrounding the pillars in the center of the area next to the Worshipper’s Woods Site of Grace in order to meet the merchant who is nearby the caves in the west.

And there you can easily purchase the Cookbook from him and learn the recipe to craft an Oil Pot and to get to know that you will need a melted mushroom and cracked pot which I think already have by now and mushroom you can find near Siofra River.

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How To Free Alexander?

So now once we have done crafting the Oil Pot it’s time to reach Alexander and toss the Oil Pot into him and they have to attack him as we did for the first time when we have to get him unstuck. As soon as you will make him free he will give you Exalted Flesh as a reward.

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