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How To Get A Horse Elden Ring – Torrent Location and Unlock Procedure




How To Get A Horse Elden Ring

How to get a horse in Elden Ring is a question that every Elden Ring player faces when he is starting out. The horse helps us in so many different ways one is it can help you travel the world of Elden Ring quite fast. And we call him Torrent the Elden Ring house with great ability.

But initially, you won’t have your trusted friend with you and you have to travel the world alone until to reach the location and unlock your trusted friend Torrent. As he is fast that he can save a lot of time of yours and at the same time can let you escape the enemies when needed.

Every good thing comes after the hassle and so even if we take the shortest root to reach our friend we have to face small combats and after winning those combats we will be able to reach our friend.

How To Get A Horse Elden Ring – Unlock Procedure

Melina Elden Ring

So to get our horse we have to start our journey towards the Gatefront Ruins, the Site of Grace. You will find the site from the north of the place where you will start. You will find the Site of Grace on the southeast and northwest of Gatefront Ruins. And you will have to get there and rest where you will be greeted by Melina (How to summon Melina) but you have to visit a total of 3 sites of grace and only she will greet you.

So she is very polite and offered you some awesome things like a lore snippet of the world and at the same time, you will be able to level up your stats. And other than that she will also offer you a ring called Spectral Steed Whistle which helps you to summon your trusted friend Torrent (Horse).

How To Summon Horse (Torrent) In Elden Ring

How To Summon Horse (Torrent) In Elden Ring

Because of that huge world, it becomes very important to have a good travel partner who can be better than Torrent as he is the ability to move quickly and also let your ride her. So you can also make her do double jumps whenever you will face large gaps and obstacles in the game. Not just that there are also a few places where you can make her do super jumps.

Torrent will also be helpful while fighting with enemies and bosses in the game, but I will suggest you practice with smaller enemies before going and fighting with bosses on your horse.

Our friend is fast but he can also be killed, while in the combat if enemies hits deplete his health then he can also get killed. But there is an item called an array of raisin which if fed can heal his damages and other stats. But if still gets killed you can revive him and below we have mentioned the process.

How To Revive Torrent (The Horse) In Elden Ring

How To Revive Torrent (The Horse) In Elden Ring

So if Torrent gets scummed to his wounds you can summon him back by consuming a Flask of Crimson Tears (Talisman Elden Ring). So if you are ready to give sacrifices of your healing flask then you call him immediately. But if you do not have the flask or you don’t want to give the sacrifice of your flask you simply rest at the site of Grace and you can revive your house again.

So these two methods are quite helpful to reviving Torrent and exploring the rest of the world. And if you have more queries regarding Elden Ring then check this section of Elden Ring.

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