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How To Find And Use Poison Armament Elden Ring




How To Find And Use Poison Armament Elden Ring

Elden Ring has revolutionized the spells by making them more viable, by using it at the right time players have managed to break the bosses and enemies. And today in this article we will be sharing all the information about a particular Incantation which is Poison Armament like how to use poison armament and where to find it?

You can guess the effect of this Incantation by its name and you guessed it right once you use the spell it enchants the weapon on your right hand with poison that possesses more damage by every hit as it inflicts the poison effect on the enemy.

Where to Get the Poison Armament?

Where to Get the Poison Armament?
  • To find the poison armament you first need to reach Aeonia Swamp which you will find in the eastern Caelid Region.
  • There you have to kill invisible scarab to acquire the poison armament.
  • Although the scarab is invisible it left a glowing mark on its path that will help you to hunt him down.
  • So simply follow his path and try to recognise his pattern and then try to come in his path quickly as he does not change his path which means it will be easy for you to attack him.
  • And the best approach to kill the scarab is to rush it down and circle it. And once to defeat him you will get a spell in your inventory.

How To Use Poison Armament?

How To Use Poison Armament?
  • The magic system of the game is really awesome and very powerful and Poison Armament may not be the strongest one the damage it gives at the low cost is really great.
  • To use Poison Armament you just need to spend 10 Faith, 15 FP and only 10 stamina, such a low cost with such great damage.
  • If you are confused about what should be the best weapon to use poison armament spell then the best one will be that which hits several times in a very less time.
  • This spell helps you create a great strategy Swiftly inflicting a boss with poison from far.
  • Also, you use this incantation with others as it works well with other spells also. Try poison and poison mist at the same to give great damage to your enemy.

Hope you get the proper information about your query and we have also provided more guides on Elden Ring which you can check here How To Get Wing of Astel, Talisman Elden Ring, Elden Ring Armor Sets

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