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How To Equip Ash of War Elden Ring




How To Equip Ash of War Elden Ring

Ash of war is one of the very important items in the game Elden Ring that has the ability to completely change the way you fight with your weapon. Before we move to our main topic how to equip ash of war Elden Ring let’s first discuss a bit about Ash of War.

Weapons are a very important part of Elden Ring that helps you to deal with your enemies and every weapon has its own ability that we call Weapon Art this ability makes the player more dangerous when he right one.

And the player can also change their Weapon Art with Ash of War ability which will make their gear more dangerous than ever. And different Ashes of War can be found at different locations some can be found from a few merchants where to obtain others we sometimes need to kill scarabs (How To Get The Golden Scarab).

So let’s say you find an Ash of War, but you still won’t be able to equip that with your gear as you need another tool for the same, and for that, you have to head towards the Limgrave and make your weapon more dangerous and powerful.

How To Equip Ash of War Elden Ring?

How To Equip Ash of War Elden Ring?

Whetstone Knife is the tool you need to equip Ash of War with your weapon and to obtain the particular tool you need to go to Limgrave, Gatefront Ruins (Elden Ring Limgrave Guide). Once you reach their search for the path that will take you down to the underground room and there you will find the Whetstone Knife.

One thing that you should keep in your mind is that when you use a weapon with inbuilt Weapon Art and you will equip Ash of War on the weapon you will lose the inbuilt Art for the time you are using Ash of War. You are not allowed to use the Ash of War on different weapons at a time. Blacksmith is also able to equip Ash of War on your weapon once you unlock Roundtable Hold.

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