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How To Enter Lyndell Royal Capital Elden Ring?

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How To Enter Lyndell Royal Capital Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is a huge game with so many different places to visit and defeat deadly bosses collect rewards and many other things to do. And Lyndell, Royal Capital is one of the amazing places you can visit and fight with deadly bosses which is situated at Altus Plateau (Elden Ring Altus Plateau Location Guide) area in-game.

But if you are new to the game then you will face difficulty reaching the place and that’s why we have created this well-researched guide for you on how to enter Lyndell Royal Capital Elden Ring.

To reach this place you need to have at least 2 great runes which you need to activate, first one is Godrick’s Great Runes and the second one is Rennala’s Great Runes.

In order to activate the great runes of Godrick you have to get to the Divine Tower of Limgrave and you can reach there with the help of the portal once you reach the top of the Tower you will be able to activate the runes.

Lyndell Royal Capital

Enter Lyndell Royal Capital

Once you have acquired both the Runes now you will be able to start your quest in order to enter Leyndell, the Royal Capital in Elden Ring. At the Captial Rampart move over to the site of grace but before that make sure you have activated the Godrick’s Great Runes. Once reach there you will be able to see the open entrance to the city.

The process is really simple only thing you need to do is follow it properly and you will easily be able to Enter Lyndell Royal Capital.

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