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How To Duplicate Weapons In Elden Ring

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How To Duplicate Weapons In Elden Ring

If looks play a very important role for you then knowing How To Duplicate Weapons in Elden Ring as it lets you certain looks or a very specific set of gear play a very important role for you. Although you can find plenty of fun builds in the game but here we will talk about duplicating your weapons and for the rest of the builds you can check our other articles.

We know that exploiting the rules of the game can ban your account and we don’t want that to happen to anyone that’s why all the methods here are a safe and genuine way to duplicate weapons in the Elden Ring game.

How To Duplicate Weapons In Elden Ring

Duplicate Weapons In Elden Ring

So let’s get multiple copies of your weapons without using game-breaking glitches or dubious exploits, there are some weapons like Best Faith Weapons Elden Ring, Greatsword, and Moonveil which you can get for the second time from your friends.

So in order to do that first need to join your friend’s world but as a friendly phantom and not an invader and then you can ask your friend to leave the weapon on the ground that you can then pick up and take that to your world. But now your friend will completely lose that weapon and can only get that after completing their game.

One thing that your friend should keep in his mind is that does not to hit the discard button while leaving the weapon otherwise the weapon will get deleted from the hit item list. Now let’s see how you can duplicate boss weapons.

Duplicate Boss Weapon

Duplicate Boss Weapon

In order to duplicate a boss weapon you have to find giant Walking Mausoleums, he can find in different locations like east of Isolated Merchant’s Shack in Weeping Peninsula, in the waters in front of Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel Grace in Liurnia of the Lakes, North of the Ruined Labyrinth Grace or, due south of the Mausoleum Compound Grace in Eastern Liurnia, outside Castle Sol in Mountain top of Giants and in various other places.

And you have killed them but it is very difficult because of its huge structure but if you are able to break his crystal-like structure then you can bring him down.

Now once you enter the main mausoleum you will be able to duplicate a Remembrance item from any boss they’ve beaten in their current playthrough. But once thing you should you need to keep in your mind that you can only use Walking Mausoleum once to duplicate your weapons.

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