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How To Dupe Runes In Elden Ring: Explained

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How To Dupe Runes In Elden Ring

Do you want to duplicate your runes in Elden Ring? if yes, then you have landed in the right place. You can easily learn to dupe glitch in Elden Ring. Here, we are going to share “How To Dupe Runes in Elden Ring”.

You can duplicate the run in Elden Ring and make the game easy for you. If you have more runes then you can level up and upgrade your weapons, shields and many other items. So, without any delay let’s learn the process of Dupe Runes In Elden Ring.

How to Dupe Runes in Elden Ring

How To Dupe Runes In Elden Ring explain in English

You can easily duplicate runes in Elden Ring game with the help of dropping your items off and giving those items to your friends and reloading your save file. Let’s learn step by step to Dupe Runes easily:

Backup your save

  • PC: The default location of your save file must be C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata. You need to copy the saved file and save the file to back it up in other drives.
  • PlayStation: In PlayStation, you need to go to setting and select Data Management. Here, you need to choose Saved Data then select Cloud Storage. Now, upload your save to the cloud via PS+. You also need to auto-upload of save files disabled during the time you are using this glitch.
  • Xbox: Quit the Elden Ring to back up your data.
  • Reclaim your items
    • Invite your friend back to another session and have them drop off your items

Drop the items

  • You can summon your friends to your game and drop the items you want.
  • Ask your friends to pick up the items.
  • Close the game and reload your save file.
  • Rinse and repeat
    • Continue to duplicate items using this method until you’ve got enough items to rack up a plethora of Runes for upgrades to avoid repeatedly fighting the same mobs of enemies.

Reload your save

  • PC: You need to paste old save to the exact location given above and load the game.
  • PlayStation: Here, you need to go to the setting option and download your save file from Saved Data Management.
  • Xbox: Choose manage game after selecting Elden Ring Game. Delete save data from the console and keep in mind that not delete data from the cloud. Now, you need to restart the game to sync your last save from the cloud.

Stack up Items

When you drop items like Golden runes, or drop weapons or armours. You can easily repeat the steps mention above to stack up on the items.

When you have done all the steps then you are able to consume the items or sell the items to get the Runes.

The guide is only for educational purposes and is not recommended to do this. There is also a chance to FROM SOFTWARE take action on you and ban you from the game. You can use these steps at your own risk.

We hope you understand about the Dupe Runes In Elden Ring. If you are looking for the other guides then check out right now:

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