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How To Cure Poison In Elden Ring

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How To Cure Poison In Elden Ring

Poison can be very dangerous for any Elden Ring player it has the ability to end the player’s journey in the world of Elden Ring but it’s not something that you can’t combat and in this article, we will see how to cure poison in Elden Ring.

This status effect can be beneficial or deadly depending upon them whom it affects, but if it’s on you, you must get rid of it as soon as possible, so you can heal it either with neutralizing Boluses or cast a spell to remove it.

Heal Poison with Neutralizing Boluses

Crafting Neutralizing Boluses

Whenever you will get hit by a poison-based attack you can see a poison meter at the bottom of your screen, and if get the enough poisoned based attack the meter will get full and you will be poisoned.

And you will see that your health will start depleting gradually and at that time most common way to heal the effect is to use Neutralizing Boluses item. And this is an item that you need to craft yourself which will need Armorer’s Cookbook (Elden Ring Cookbook Location & Recipes) where you can find the recipe to make this item. Although below we have mentioned the items you will be needed to craft items check them out.

  • x1 Herbax1
  • Cave Mossx1
  • Great Dragonfly Head

But if you are ready to invest in some runes then you can purchase the item from the nomadic merchant under the fallen pillar of coastal cave for just 600 runes.

Heal Poison with Spell

cure poison spell elden ring

In order to heal poison, you need to Cure Poison which is an incantation that in removing the status effect the is depleting your health. And every time you cast this spell you have to spend 7 focus points.

And you will find this spell at Roundtable hold (How To Unlock Roundtable Hold) from Brother Corbyn and for that, you need to spend 1000 runes. For the first time, Melina will take you there and for the next time, you can only fas travel there.

One more thing that makes sure you have a faith skill of at least 8, which will give you the ability to cast spells while you are moving although it will be slow but helpful.

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