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How To Beat Rykard Elden Ring




How To Beat Rykard Elden Ring

Rykard is an optional Boss but beating him can get you some awesome weapons and that’s why we are here to help you out with the Rykard Boss Fight Walkthrough. So to face a fight first we have to get him and for that, we have to reach Volcano Manor and have to search the exterior of the Volcano, and there you will find a secret portal that will take you to the boss.

So basically he lives in a giant cave that is situated beneath the Volcano Manor and initially you won’t find Rykard there rather you will find God-Devouring Serpent there and you will find Rykard in the second phase of your fight.

He is also a part of Volcano Manor Quest and Patches Quest other than an optional boss you have find and beat him in order to complete these Quests. So let’s see how to beat Rykard Elden Ring.

How To Beat Rykard Elden Ring

A standard process always make difficult things easy as we divide the things in different part and same thing we will do here to make the difficult process easy.

Prepration to fight Bosses

Doing preparation before is always a great idea as we have all the information about our opponent that makes the thing quite easier. If you don’t know Rykard is gimmick mechanic boss and that’s why we need a serpant hunter in order to give damage to him and we can find one at the entrance of the arena by a corpse.

So this weapon also do not require any kind of wielding, but still upgrading the weapon will makes it much easier for you and smithy can help you out in order to upgrade your weapon. I would say level +10 will be good for you to beat the boss.

And one thing you can focus on is the heavy armor and great shield as will help you withstand his attacks and fight him back. And one more thing you can do is summon Mimic Tear with serpant hunter will make the fight quite easier for you.

How to beat God-Devouring Serpent

How to beat God-Devouring Serpent

So you will see Serpent boss surrounded by lava who is able to perform melee attacks, which does not posses huge damage but unfortunately has the ability to make you out of your animations that makes you unable to perform heavy and charged attacks.

But don’t worry our special weapon has the ability of damaging from far range by releasing blade of light posses great damage to the opponent. And if you are ready to sacrifice your small amount of FP then you can also use powerful slash.

If you have the spirits use them as then the fight will end up very soon but if not then you have to bear his powerful force attacks that you can face from both the side but your strong shild has ability to withstand the force.

Other than that you can also face grab attack where you will be slammed down on the ground two time but you can also dodged this attacks if done at the right time.

How to defeat Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy

How to defeat Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy

Now in the second phase of the fight we will see the real face of the Boss Rykard after the assassination of the Serpant, and one thing you should keep in your mind is if you get killed in this phase during the fight with Rykard you again have to face the How to beat God-Devouring Serpent so try to beat in the first go.

Now you will find a more deadly opponent who weild a blade that really hurts, and that’s why summon spirit will be very helpful in distracting the boss.

During the fight you will mostly find him swinging his blade from left to right and then swing it back and then stab into the ground in front of him. And to avoid the attack you need to maintain a safer distance.

He will also do a enviourment attack that started debris to fall into ground which not harmful but able to obscure your sight. Other than that he is also able to perform ranged attacks where he will release small flaming skulls from his mouth that has the ability to leaves a trail of fire and also cause explosion at the same time.

But here your spirit and ranged attack from your serpant hunter will do great for you and you will not face much difficulties killing him.

Rewards For Beating Rykard

Killing this gimmick boss will reward you with huge 100,000 Runes and other than that you will also get Remembrance of the Blaspehmous and you also have the chance to exchange it with Enia at the Roundtable Hold for different items.

Hope you get the proper information on the particular topic and if you want to know how defeat other bosses then you can find it below:

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