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How To Beat Putrid Crystalian Elden Ring

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How To Beat Putrid Crystalian Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, it is very important to continuously upgrade your kit as there are many bosses and enemies you can be tough to defeat, and upgrading yourself can help you to beat your enemies and bosses.

So in order to upgrade your kit, you should also have Comet Torrent Sorcery in your inventory which has the ability to create a mass of crystal and then fire off shards in rapid succession but to get the item we need to beat Putrid Crystalian, he is an optional boss but in order to gain the item, we have to beat him.

In order to get comet torrent sorcery and beat the boss, we first need to find him and for that, we have to visit Sellia Hideaway once reached its time to face the bosses and also there is a small trick that you can use is cast the Gravity Sorcery, Rock Sling while you are Standing outside the fog gate.

If not killed one of the bosses you can bring down the HP of one of the bosses from the outside which will also be quite helpful when you will enter the room to fight the bosses.

How To Beat Putrid Crystalian Elden Ring

Beat Putrid Crystalian

So the first thing you need to keep in your mind is that you will be facing two bosses at the same time. As soon as you will reach the Academy Crystal Cave you will face A spear and staff-wielding duo.

So the first thing you need to do is use summon be it your friend, banished knight, or mimic tear to help you out in the battle. (How To Summon A Friend, Spirits, & NPCs). They are able to perform spinning attacks and must keep themselves safe from such attacks.

So after taking care of the attack you now then have to focus on Putrid Crystalian (Staff) at that time you can ignore Ringblade as he is not as harmful and can be handled by the one you have summoned.

The spear Crystalian will mostly try to get you down with his stab attacks and you need to also take care of that. And now you have to perform your attack and also you need to be quick as if your summon gets beaten then both attack you at the same time that will become very difficult for you to win.

Once done with the first one you should then focus on the Spear one and try to follow the same strategy breaking poise and backstab attack. And then the last one will not be much difficult for you with a similar strategy.

And one thing you should keep in mind is that using strike weapons will be the best thing while fighting Putrid Crystalian.

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