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How To Beat Magma Wyrm Elden Ring

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How To Beat Magma Wyrm Elden Ring

It’s not always the main bosses who are hard to defeat and very strong rather options bosses also have some great abilities and are very hard to defeat one such boss is Magma Wyrm, like if you want to safely get to Altus Plateau and navigate the ravine then you have to fight and defeat this boss.

Magma is quite a tricky one to defeat but don’t worry we are here to help you out, as Magma Wyrm is a dragon type boss he will constantly sprew Magma from his mouth which annoys all the players and they continuously need to dodge that and also few other things are there that players need to take care of that we have mentioned in the latter part of the article.

How To Beat Magma Wyrm Elden Ring

Magma Wyrm Elden Ring
  • Increase your fire withstand strength
  • Target the head in the first phase
  • In the second phase go from underneath
  • Make heavy attacks on his legs
  • Heal yourself by hiding behind the central pillar
  • Take advantage of the situation if Magma gets stuck

Use these tips to defeat Magma Wyrm and now let’s see these tips in detail so that you can understand them better.

1- Increase your fire withstand the strength

Because of his dragon type boss, he has the ability to make fire attacks which can be quite dangerous for the player if he hasn’t prepared himself before. But if you have prepared yourself properly through tips then don’t have to worry much as there are plenty of ways to get less fire damage.

You can use Flamedrake Talisman which is one of its kind that will give the power to deal with fire damage to a certain extent. And to get this powerful talisman you have to move to Limgrave’s Groveside Cave, North of the Church of Elleh. Other than you can use Fireproof Dried Liver which will increase your power to deal with fire damage which you have to craft with the help of the Armorer’s Cookbook.

2- Target the head in the first phase

So in the first phase of the fight, you will see him near to the ground and using fire attacks and short-range sword swipes. And you have to be careful about his attacks so you can avoid fire attacks by keeping yourself away from him and trying to roll through to avoid the sword attack.

So now you know how to avoid his attacks and now comes the offensive part where you need to stay near his head so that you can easily hit his head and keep yourself safe from his attacks at the same time. And with all these try to bring his health down to half.

3- In the second phase go from underneath

In the second phase go from underneath

So once you bring his health to half you will be going to experience a complete new Magma who will start using his left leg to stand and inject flames from his sword that gives him the power of greater damage and at the same time greater range. But don’t worry as this will open up some of his weaknesses.

So when he will stand it will be easy for you to go underneath him and hit from there also you can avoid his sword attack by rolling through, but when he will try to use his strong attacks you will get to know that by the animation and you can run away and keep yourself from the attack and come undernet again once hit attack is done.

4- Make heavy attacks on his legs

Whenever you will see an opening try to hit as harder as possible, would suggest using a jump attack so that you will give great damage to him. Try to give many heavy attacks so that he started staggering and hit on the ground and becomes vulnerable for a few moments.

Now this is your time and you can use all the best attacks you have also try to use a bleed weapon and inflict a bleed effect on him, you can also target his head with a visceral attack that will surely inflict huge damage on him.

5- Heal yourself by hiding behind the central pillar

 Heal yourself by hiding behind the central pillar

If you got hit with his attacks and your health is depleting you should heal yourself first before continuing the fight and for that, you can use the central pillar to hide from getting hit by his attacks. So get yourself plenty of time and space to heal then kill the boss.

6- Take advantage of the situation if Magma gets stuck

Once you run toward the pillar to hide he will also follow you but due to his huge size, he will get stuck there and then you can use that situation to give huge damage to Magma, try to give your best shot and deplete as much health as you can to defeat him.

So this is our guide on how to beat Magma Wyrm in Elden Ring and we have also written more guides on defeating other bosses like How To Beat Fire Giant Elden Ring, How To Get To Malenia Elden Ring, How To Beat Godskin Duo Elden Ring and more you can find here on our website.

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