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How To Beat Godskin Duo Elden Ring




How To Beat Godskin Duo Elden Ring

Godskin Duo is the main in Elden Ring who you have to fight and defeat in order to advance to the rest of the Crumbling Farum Azula. Godskin Due is the dual boss and you have to fight both of them Godskin Apostle and Godskin Noble at the same time.

They have devastating energy which means they are really very difficult to defeat as the pair of creatures are extremely well in dual battling. They are so hard to defeat that players started feeling like there are some bugs that’s why they are not able to defeat them. But no there is no bug rather they are hard to beat but not impossible and that’s what we will share today here that is how to beat godskin duo in Elden Ring.

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Godskin Duo General Information

NameGodskin Due
Recommended Level92
Runes170,000 Runes
340,000 Runes (NG+1)
374,000 Runes (NG+2)
LocationCrumbling Farum Azula
Item DropsSmithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing [4]
Ash of War: Black Flame Tornado
HP24000 (Great Enemy)
Strong VsStrike, Fire, Holy
Weak VsSlash, Hemorrhage, Frostbite, Sleep

How To Beat Godskin Duo Elden Ring

Well, this is not going to be easy but we will be going to defeat the boss with our own strategies and we don’t just have single strategies rather we have more below we have shared them you can use the one that you think will be the best for you.

1st Strategy

  • So our first strategy is to use the sleep attack where you need to make one of the bosses sleep with the help of sleep pots or sleepbone arrows.
  • You can make sleep any of the bosses but it is better to go with Godskin Apostle, once done than try to damage as much as their collective health bar.
  • The structure is a great help as you can use the pillars to damage them or also can use them to guard yourself against their attacks and take their help to separate, heal and distract them.
  • You can use Frost and Bleeding attacks against them as both of them are quite vulnerable to these kinds of attacks.
  • And also can take the help of your allies that are the surrounded pillars and can use spam the Hoarfrost Stomp attacks.
  • But you have to be very careful while using these attacks as at the same time their attack can also damage you through the wall.

2nd Strategy

2nd Strategy

Both the bosses are bad enough on their own but still, you have to fight them together which makes the deadly and there comes our 2nd strategy to defeat the bosses.

  • As the fight is 2 vs 1 which means you want to balance the fight then you also need one more character in your team and for that Mimic Tear Ashes can help you out. And to grab Mimic Tear Ashes you have to reach Nokron, Eternal City and then try to upgrade it as much as possible.
  • Then as soon as you reach the arena use the Mimic Tear Ashes and a copy of you will be there alongside you to fight the bosses.
  • And again you follow different strategies here where you both fight with other bosses and try to give as much damage as you can to deplete their overall health.
  • Or you guys can focus on one boss so that you will be able to kill that one quickly and then hit the other one and take advantage of the time of dying and respawning. As they are very vulnerable to Bleed damage so try that one to defeat them faster.
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