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How To Beat Fire Giant Elden Ring




How To Beat Fire Giant Elden Ring

Don’t be disheartened if you tried and failed to beat Fire Giant Elden Ring, we are here to help you out with the battler. So here in this article, we will be sharing important information about the Fire Giant like How to get to Fire Giants, the Weaknesses of Fire Giant, recommended levels and how to beat Fire Giant Elden Ring.

As Fire Giant is one of the main Bosses whom you have to fight and defeat if you want to progress through the game, he is really high and with very powerful attacks he is not at all easy to defeat and for that, you need to be very careful.

So need to know about his attack pattern that will help us greatly and then needs to apply all that we have learned before and that’s how we can defeat him.

How To Beat Fire Giant Elden Ring

Without mastering some of the essential qualities it will be almost impossible to beat the Elden Ring Fire Giant, the attacks of the Giants are very powerful as they can even kill players with a single attack, but every advantage have some disadvantage and because of his massive size they quite slow of which players can take advantage of.

Also, we are not able to provide you with a particular set of rules as Giants behave differently in different phases and that’s why we have made a complete guide for specific phases and provide you with the information on what you should prepare for.

What Preparation You Should Do Before Fighting Fire Giant Elden RIng?

Fire Giant has powerful attacks as well as a long reach that gives him the power to kill you very easily if you haven’t done the preparation properly so here are the tips that you should follow before reaching out to Elden Ring Fire Giant.

  • A big question in the mind of all the players is what should be the Elden Ring fire giant recommended level, So you must be at 110th level with the weapon must be above 18. This doesn’t mean that you cannot defeat him below this level but will struggle below this level.
  • Want to summon Ash Spirits, then you must focus on summoning the one who has the max health as they will really going to struggle to avoid his attacks and any spirit with low health will die soon.
  • According to his name, Fire Giant does damage a lot with his fire attacks but you can prepare yourself to deal with the damage and Flamedrake Talisman is a great option that gives you Fire Damage protection which you can find in the Groveside Cave in Limgrave. Other than that a better version is also available Fireproof Dried Liver which is a craftable one with the help of the Armorer’s Cookbook that you can in the soldier camp on the ridge above Murkwater Cave.
  • As soon as you reach him he attacks you with the powerful snow attack that has the ability to kill you instantly and it is also difficult to dodge his attacks so the better decision will be to summon your Torrent that has the ability to move much faster than your character and also able to dodge the attacks.
  • One more thing that should keep in your mind is that as soon as you will summon Fist Alexander NPC for the fight your Torrent will disappear which is really helpful and the best to get closer to the giant.


So it will be easier for the giant to kill you if you are far from him as he has his bin lid with the help of which he can easily kill you from far so the first thing that you need to do is cut the distance get closer to him without getting killed and you will see that things become much easier once you reached closer to him.

Once you get closer to him by dogging his attacks now your aim is to get closer to his feet and the giant has protection on one of the ankles that is a manacle but the other feet do not have that and you have to focus on that one and try to keep on hitting that one that will break the covering and then you will be able to give more damage to him.

As soon as you will break the covering he will use different kinds of moves and you have to keep yourself from those moves even if he crouches down and rolls around the arena but there you can use your torrent and keep yourself safe. but you have to keep smacking his ankle after coming back to position.

One more thing that he will be going to try on you are trying a brutal attack with the help of a large metal plate so need to go out of his range before he drags the plate through the snow. Otherwise, this will be going take out a big bunch of health from you so be careful regarding this.

You also need to keep one thing in mind as soon as the fire starts raising you have to move away from the giant as soon it will convert into roaring flames that will give you huge damage if you get caught.

So if you think that was tough then let me tell you that this was the easy one and the tough one is still to come, Once you will bring his health to half a cinematic shot announces Phase 2, Break The Leg.


In the second phase, things will be quite different as he has sacrificed his leg to get some more fire powers and now it is very difficult to predict his attack pattern he will now use more fire attacks because players need to be more cautious.

We will now change our strategy and will try to attack more from behind at his hindquarters. And if unfortunately, you moved to his front then don’t go far as his distance attacks are very dangerous and you must not get caught.

One more thing to keep in mind is that he rolls suddenly and unpredictably as trying to reposition himself he can squash players but when you hit from behind you keep yourself safe from this. But if somehow you got caught use your shield immediately so that it can absorb most of it keeping you safe.

The other thing that you should be careful about is when leans forward and press both his palm to the ground the area will start burning and you will experience an explosion there you must keep yourself away from that which is the best option.

Another attack he can use on you is the fire from his second mouth that he does when roars and then leans back at this position don’t run back rather go underneath his arched back and hit home from there.

So he will still try to attack that you can dodge with a bit of care but should be careful as he can be more sudden and unpredictable. And you have to keep hitting him and take down his health to zero and get the title of genuine giantslayer.

How To Deal With Fire Orbs?

Occasionally he will generate two fire orbs that have the ability to track down the player and slowly move toward him and started erupting when reaching close to him and suddenly explodes causing great damage to him.

But there is a way to keep yourself safe from these Fire Orbs so what you need to do is you have purposely detonated them. So for that, you have to get close to them and when they start getting glowing quickly move away from them that will make them explode far from you.

What Does Fire Giant Drop?

You will get the rewards of 180,000 Runes and Remembrance of the Fire Giant after beating the giant, later you can trade Remembrance of the Fire Giant at ROundtable Hold for either the Giant’s Red Braid or Burn, O Flame Incantation that creates randomly placed pillars of flame that erupted from around the caster.

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