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How To Beat Commander Niall (Boss Of Mountaintops)




How To Defeat Commander Niall

Commander Niall can find at the Mountaintops of Giant who is really a tough boss to beat although he is a optional boss but still defeating can get us some great items. He is also quite difficult to beat and the main reason for that is he summon two Knight Ashesh which means you have to fight three at the time which is really tricky. And that’s why we have mentioned the guide below on how to beat commander Niall check it out now.

Commander Niall Combat Strategy

How To Defeat Commander Niall

So the combat will be in two different phase where the first phase start as soon as you will enter the fog door, and we will immediately summon two kinght bosses and both of them have their individual health bar. So initially the two enemies will charge upon you from the center and Commander will be behind them. So first we have focus on the enemies and kill them after which we will move towards the Commander.

The only special thing about the enemies are they have their own Ash of War that build up Frostbite damage rest they don’t have anything good about them. But the problem you will face with them is that they both attacks you at the same time and you can stuck somewhere because of small arena. You have face more deadly enemies earlier but here you have to face two of them at the same time which makes it a bit difficult.

So one of them have sword and knife and the other one have double sword with them and fighting them both at the same time is not a good idea so try create gaps in between and a exit route and use you best attacks and kill them both.

How To Beat Commander Niall

Now once we are done with the knights its time to do the combat with Commander Niall that has his own huge weapon huge staff that has ability to attack wind and lighting and he can attacks for both short and long range.

As in the first part Commander has summon the knights because which you were unable to summon but now you can also do so and summon your best Ashes who can take the charge while you are trying to deplete the Commanders health. You can try bleed build up as he is a humanoid boss who is weak to Bleed damage. So that’s how you can Beat the boss.

Cheesy Strategy To Kill The Boss

Cheesy Strategy To Kill The Boss

You need to focus on one of the openings of Castle Sol’s battlements with your bow and start firing the arrows through it that will hit commander Niall who is there on the other side and slowly you will defeat the boss. Even below you can check the video for the help.

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