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How To Beat Alecto, Black Knife Ringleader In Elden Ring




How To Beat Alecto, Black Knife Ringleader

Alecto, Black Knife Ringleader is the boss of Ringleader Evergaol situated on the western side of Liurnia of the Lakes, near the Moonlight Altar Site of Grace. Defeating him can be rewarding for you with special items like Black Knife Tiche and different others so here on this page, we will cover different aspects like How To Beat Alecto, Black Knife Ringleader, what rewards you will get, different strategies, and more things so without any further ado let’s get started.

One more thing is that she is not the main boss, and do not need to defeat her in order to progress further but if you want some good loot then you can fight with this option boss and defeat her.

Another thing that you need to keep in your mind is that you must reach the level of 60 before you can visit and kill her.

Alecto Attacks And Counters

Alecto Attacks And Counters

Learning about the attacks of opponents will make you half win even before starting the fight and that’s why we will first see her attacks and how can we counter them and then we will move into how to defeat her.


She will crash down on you with overhead slashing after jumping high, but this one is easy to dodge where you simply need to run away from the area of effect also there you got the chance to hit her while she was completing her move but don’t be too greedy as she is fast to hit her once and twice and then move away.

Imbued Helmsplitter

This attack was the same as the above but the difference here is that at the end of the attack her knife will explode and will release energy that has the ability to give good damage and at the same time it also inflicts a status effect that keeps on dealing great damage. And also this attack has a long-range compared to the first one, you again need to dodge the attack and the energy by rolling away, and if you do that successfully you will again get the chance to hit her.


This one is a deadly one as here she will move towards you with a great speed that looks like she appeared from nowhere and then try to grab and if she was able to do that then she will stab you on the back that will deplete lots of your health. So you need to maintain a good distance and try to dodge the attack by rolling away.

Spinning Knife Attack

She will start spinning in this move slashing with her knife that is lethal and when you think she is going to stop she will strike two more times with her knife so be careful till the end. And to dodge this you simply move away from her and can also roll away.

Blade of Death

In this move, she will fire a straight line projectile towards you that is deadly as well as it will keep its effect on you for a long time and that’s why you have to have dodged this otherwise it can deplete your health and can kill you, but the good thing is this movie is quite slow and you can easily dodge this attack by moving sideways or rolling down.

Leg Sweep

So here in this attack, you will find Alecto pushing her knife into the ground and with help of this she will perform a sweep attack and at the end of the attack, she will finish it with a big slash with her knife. This is a ranged attack and that’s why you should make a good distance and as the move goes for a bit long you can attack her while performing this attack.

Lunging Stab Attack

So here she will dodge and move to a side but suddenly dashes forward in order to perform a stabbing attack with her knife. You simply need to do a side roll and back in order to counter these attacks.

Different Strategies To Defeat Defeat Alecto

Different Strategies To Defeat Defeat Alecto

Now once we have won half of the game it’s time to win the other half of the game by killing her for that here we have different strategies that you can check below and one more thing that you cannot summon in this fight only you and her.

She is immune to poison, scarlet rot, or hemorrhage so must not use them rather you can use Frost and Physical damage, which will give her great damage.

Ranged Strategy

If you have Terra Magicus and Comet Azur spells with yourself then you can use this strategy, so you need to cast the spells from the start of the game that will keep her down from the starting of the game.

Now once she is up you need to move away from her and maintain a good distance, as you have depleted lots of her health in the starting itself makes things easy for you. And because of her speed, she can easily dodge your spells and that’s why you need to cast homing ability now which will surely be going to connect her no matter what.

This spell doesn’t have the ability to deal huge damage but this can slow her speed, you can now use more deadly spells Adula’s Moonblade is one of them as it has the ability to take her down.

With that, you should also use defensive spells like Zamor Ice Storm and Freezing Mist that has the ability to protect you and at the same time, also deals further Frost damage to Alecto. So this is how you defeat Alecto with the help of ranged strategy.

Melee Strategy

Here in this strategy, the most important thing you need is a heavy weapon coat it with Freezing Grease that has the ability to deal Frost Damage but if you will be able to combine the attack with Ash of War: Hoarfrost Stomp then will be going be lethal for Alecto.

She is fast and attacking her is really a tough thing to do but while she was performing her Helmsplitter attacks and Leg Sweep that was the time for you to give your best with a weapon that we have just discussed above.

So if you have a good amount of patience and calmness then you will be able to win the battle easily.

Cheese Strategy

Here is a small trick for you, at the beginning of the fight you have to hop on the rock that is there on the left of Alecto, due to some glitch she will not be able to reach you there and now you are completely safe until she performs Helmsplitter attack when that happens simply move away and then again get back three.

And from there you need to keep on using the ranged attacks like magic or melee, and you need to keep on performing that attack and after some time she will be defeated.

So I hope you get the complete information regarding How To Beat Alecto and if you face difficulty beating other bosses then we have also published articles related to them and here we are sharing a few of them How To Beat Erdtree Burial Watchdog, How To Beat Rykard Elden Ring and How To Beat Putrid Crystalian.

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