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How To Alter Garments Elden Ring




How To Alter Garments Elden Ring

Elden Ring is known for its Fights and Huge World but it also focuses on the aesthetics to give the players a feeling of freshness and style. That’s why they have given the option that players can now alter their Garments.

Although it is not a great skill to learn but is good to look different and cool as it will also suit your character, rather than just looking cool it will also help you with your stats but not much only a slight chance you will observe.

So to alter the garments in Elden Ring we need two different items that we can get in the initial period of the game but to get that we have to defeat a difficult boss. So be with us for a few more minutes and in this guide we will show you how to alter garments Elden Ring and also the locations of the items you will need.

How To Alter Garments Elden Ring

Alter Garments Elden Ring

The two most important things that we need to alter garments are Tailoring Tools and Sewing needle and in order to get both the things we need beat the Demi-Human Chief Boos and then we can loot the items.

We have to head towards Coastal Cave in the Western part of Limgrave, so let’s start our journey from the Church of Elleh but before starting we have to buy a torch from a Merchant Kale as the cave is really dark.

The Torch in our inventory is really helpful to explore any dark places in the game other than helps to attack fire damages and only cost 200 Runes.

Avoid moving from the west as you can get killed even if you are in Torrent so we will move towards the Stormfoot Catacombs that is situated in the northwest. At the Stormfoot Catacombs you will find the Erdtree Burial Watchdog whom you have to beat and make a safe way for yourself onto the shore.

And there you will get the chance to acquire Ashes of War by beating the invisible create at the north of the beach by just noticing the golden footprint of the creature.

Once done start moving towards the south and once you reach near to your destination a group of Demi-Human will attack you and you can easily kill to progress on your path.

After small distance you will be able to find the cave but if you miss and moved ahead of the cave you may find merchant ny the campfire and but the merchat some amazing items that you can collect from him ike a cookbook to create fire arrows.

Now once done then reach the cave and keep your Torch as it will going to help you change the look of your armor.

Time to beat Demi-Human Chiefs

Time to beat Demi-Human Chiefs

So first time you are entering the Boss arena and this was going to bit tricky because here you are going to fight with two bosses at the same time other than small Demi-Human also annoying you during whole fight if you don’t finish them first.

When you first enter the arena and you will find first chieftain is sleeping near the entrance so you need to grab his attention by throwing something at him like knives or any other throwable items.

And now you immediately need to move away so that the small once will attack you now kill them with Light attack spamming and now move towards the first chieftain and gain advantage at the beginning of the battle by performing heavy attack.

Your charge heavy attacks will lower its invisible stance bar and then with your critical hits try to give massive damages to the boss you are fortunate enough that the one is sleeping silently at the other corner and you must try to stay as close as the door that will increase your chance of winning.

As fight will start getting intense summon will be a great move so that it will help you with the attacks as well as distracting the boss gives you the time to heal and charge up attacks.

As soon as you use summon try to go and kill the nearest boss and then go for the other one and try to kill him also. Your shield will be enough to keep him attacking for a while but you need to attack now as to kill him fast.

And for that you have to wait till he will use his dragger so when he will try to hit for the 3rd time so that is the time when you can give you best best attack to deplete much of his health. And if he roars he will be going to use slash multiple times on you and also will jump at you before rolling down.

He also has another attack where he use double dagger plunge where he will generate shock waves and spins around while slashing the area twice. And then plunge his draggers down after rasing its hands.

So this is the best the to charge a heavy attack and deplte much of its health but be careful of the shockwaves for that you need to roll toward sing your invincibility frames.

Hopefully you are now able to defeat the first one and then you can move towards the second boss and you will again have to face those small Demi-Human group whom you can kill with any ranged damage with the arsenal.

And you won’t face much difficulties killing the second one as move are same so simply doddge the aatcaks and wait for the best time ti hit and you will be able kill him and once done you can end the cave in order to reach the another island. And there you can get Church of the Dragon Communion.

How To Alter Garments Elden Ring

Site Of Grace

So now we at the point for which we have done so much of work and now you can go to any of the site of grace of your choice and simply open the menu and hit the alter garments.

Now you can see all the customizable armors on your screen and able to choose the best one for that and for that game will charge you some runes and you cant find the changes until you spend the runes and if didn’t liked that again you have to spend the runes.

So now you know how to you can change your garments but do you know to know how to change garmenst without spending anything then read more.

How To Alter Garments Without Spending Anything

Boc, the semester.

So now we do not Sewing Needle in order to alter garments rather it will be a key item for the Boc, the semester. He is also a Demi-Human but a polite one who is beaten and kicked out because of his gentle gesture and that’s why you easily talk to him.

So you can find him near the Agheel Lake North Site of Grace, move towards the bridge leaning slith the tress and you can find his location pinpointing from the community.

So you will receive 10 mushrooms after his dialogue finishes and you will have to help him reach the cave in order to retrieve his special Keepsafe that inherited from his mother which is a Sweing Needle.

Now you have reach the coastal back and you will find beaten BOC there who was trying to retrieve his needle but punished and he will ask you to retrieve it and now you have to retrieve it bu killing the boss and give it to him and he will offer you alter garment for free for saving his life and retiving his needle.

And now you both the ways to alter the garments and more guide you can check out the other articles below.

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