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How To Aim Crossbow In Elden Ring

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How To Aim Crossbow In Elden Ring

This huge game is known for its mysteries and deadly battles and when there is a battle there are weapons, and Elden Ring has so many awesome weapons in the game that Tarnished can use to beat the bosses and its enemies.

And there are many weapons that one can use in the game that is quite easy to use in the game as they just needed one button but at the same time, there are some trickier weapons that need information about the weapons and also skill in order to use the weapon.

And one of the trickier weapons is Crossbow which is a ranged weapon that helps you to give damage to your enemies from a good distance. So if you are a player who has a style of killing enemies with a Bow and Arrow and we have got something for you that is How To Aim Crossbow In Elden Ring.

Types of Crossbow

Soldier’s Crossbow54000010042
Light Crossbow58000010042
Heavy Crossbow64000010042
Crepus’ Black Key Crossbow68000010047
Pulley Crossbow65000010042
Full moon Crossbow505000010042

How To Get Crossbow?

  • First, you can get Light Crossbow in Weeping Peninsula (east) from Nomadic Merchant for 1500 Runes.
  • Other than that you can obtain Heavy Crossbow from the soldiers at Gatefront.

How To Aim Crossbow In Elden Ring

Crossbow In Elden Ring

So in order to Aim, the weapon you have to equip the weapon with two hands and one hand will only let you do hip fire and you will not be able to aim your target. Now let’s see the procedure to do that.

  • So the first thing that you need to ensure is you equip the weapon two-handed and for that, you have to press Y + RB/Triangle + R1 in your controller. And it is very important as I just told you with single-handedly you will end up with hip shooting.
  • If you want to target your enemy manually then you will have to press L1 or B1 which will show you the crosshair and with the help of which you will be able to hit the arrow. And if you want to reload your weapon then you can take the help of R1 or R2.
  • And keep one thing in mind that every time you want to shoot a bow you first have to load the weapon.

So that’s the information about how to aim a crossbow in Elden Ring and now let’s what different options you have with you.

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