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How And Where To Get Bewitching Branch Elden Ring

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How And Where To Get Bewitching Branch

Here in this post, we have shared how and where to get Bewitching Branch in Elden Ring which is one of the very important consumables that can help you to win the fight against your enemies by turning them into your friend.

An Elden Ring player can easily witness how many awesome mechanisms developers have created in the game and one of them is Bewitching Branch, have you ever thought that your enemies will fight each other and kill them and you just have to sit and watch them fighting how beautiful will be the scene.

But this is not just imagination rather you can do that with the help of this consumable and then just enjoy the scene. But one thing you need to keep in your mind is you have to select the best one out of your enemies as the best and the strongest one will be able to kill all the other enemies.

And as the item is very rare you just can not use it for fun, you have to keep the item for a difficult situation when you feel like it’s getting very tough for you to kill your enemies.

How And Where To Get Bewitching Branch In Elden Ring

Bewitching Branch Stats

So below we mentioned the ways to where and how to get Bewitching Brach, you can check them out.

1st Method – So you will have the chance to choose a stack of five Bewitching Branches as their starting keepsake. But at the beginning of the game, you have better options to keepsake so it better is to avoid it at the beginning of the game.

2nd Method – So in the second, we will purchase the item from a nomadic merchant whom we can find on the northern side of the Lumia at the side of a cliff under Bellum Church. He has the stack of five Bewitching Branches that he offers for 1600 Runes each.

3rd Method – So in the third method will be going to craft the item and for that, we will be using Sacramental Bud and one Miquella’s Lily. But we have to find the Fevor’s Cookbook (3) (Elden Ring Cookbook Location & Recipes) in order to craft the Bewitching Branch.

Below we have more guides on Elden Ring that can help you progress through the game:

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