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Gurranq Beast Clergyman Location In Elden Ring

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Gurranq Beast Clergyman Location In Elden Ring

If you are searching for the Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone then definitely search for the Gurranq Beast Clergyman Location In Elden Ring. You can encounter Gurranq Beast Clergyman through your journey and can be fought. In this guide, we are going to share information related to Gurranq Beast Clergyman like Who is Gurranq Beast Clergyman, Gurranq Beast Clergyman Location and more.

Who is Gurranq Beast Clergyman in Elden Ring?

Gurranq Beast Clergyman is an NPC and player encounters him in their journey. This NPC helps players to gather various information in the game. Gurranq Beast Clergyman is very hungry and you can assume his eternal hungriness by seeing his deformed creature.

The role of this NPC is a special trader and he does not move. The player can defeat Gurranq Beast Clergyman to obtain the Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone.

Gurranq Beast Clergyman Location In Elden Ring

Gurranq Beast Clergyman Location In Elden Ring

You can find Gurranq Beast Clergyman at the Bestial Sanctum in northeast Caelid. You can reach the location by exploring the northeastern portion of Dragonbarrow through Caelid.

You can also take the help of D, Hunter of the Dead, who help you to mark the Gurranq Beast Clergyman Location on your map:

  • If you want to reach Gurranq Beast Clergyman Location then get the help of D, Hunter of the Dead.
  • You can talk to him that can be found outside of Summonwater village.
  • In conversation with this NPC, he will tell you that there is a Mariner in Summonwater.
  • Go towards the Summonwater that is located in the northeastern section of Limgrave and then defeat Tibia Mariner boss.
  • Come back to the NPC then he will go toward the Summonwater or Roundtable Hall and helps you to mark the location of the Bestial Sanctum on your map.

Items Available at Elden Ring Gurranq, Beast Clergyman Shop

Here are all the items available at Gurranq, Beast Clergyman Shop.

Item Item Type
Clawmark Seal Sacred Seal
Bestial VitalityIncantation
Bestial SlingIncantation
Ash of War: Beast’s RoarAshes of War
Beast ClawIncantation
Stone of GurranqIncantation
Ancient Dragon Smithing StoneEquipment Upgrade
Beastclaw GreathammerWarhammer
Gurranq’s Beast ClawIncantation

That’s all we cover about Gurranq Beast Clergyman and his location in Elden Ring. You can also explore some other Elden Ring guides like How To Get The Albinauric Mask In Elden Ring and How to Get Octopus Head.

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