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Forge Of The Giants Elden Ring Location And What To Do There

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Forge Of The Giants Elden Ring Location And What To Do There

Elden Ring is an ever-expanding world where you will be able to explore so many different things in this fascinating world. So after you have heavily invested your time and effort in the game, you reached Mountaintops of the Giants, an area completely filled with the snow all around it.

There you will find so many different enemies and also the bosses of the area one you have defeated all of them you will get the access to Forge of The Giants, but once you reach there surprisingly you won’t find any bosses or questline there, neither you will find any runes or any item.

So many players get very confused that what they have to do there and in this article we will share what you have to do in Forge of the Giants.

What to do in Forge of the Giants in Elden Ring?

After you have reached the place you then first have to take left and visit the lost site of grace and sit there and save the game, and you also got the chance to talk to millennia there who will ask you whether you are ready to commit a sin.

You will have two options first one is “Yes I am ready” and the second one is “I’ll like you to wait” so choose one and progress in the game. So if you select the first option you will be teleported to the Crumbling Farum Azula after a cut scene.

And this place is really a tough one to go through and you must prepared well before you even get to this place as you will face very mysterious and powerful enemies, bosses and dragons.

But you feel like you are not prepared right now then you can select the second option and you will not be teleported to Crumbling Farum Azula and can come again to the place later when you feel like you are prepared.

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