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Elden Ring’s Church of Irith Location, Items



Elden Ring's Church of Irith Location

Elden Ring Church of Irith is a location found in Liurnia of the Lakes. You can easily access the location with the help of this Elden Ring’s Church of Irith Location guide. Explore the location and collect various items to get progress in the Elden Ring.

Here, we have shared the Church of Irith Location Guide, Items that you can obtain from the location, Creatures, Boss and everything about the place.

Church of Irith Location Guide

Church of Irith can be found in Liurnia of the Lakes region. This is the first location that you can visit once enter Liurnia of the Lakes after finishing the Stormveil Castle. You can easily reach the Church of Irith located at the south of Liurnia of the Lakes a very close to the northwest of the Graveyard.

Elden Ring's Church of Irith Location

At this location, you can encounter an NPC, named Thops. He will sell you sorcery spells on behalf of 10 Runes. You can also get information about an Academy Glinstone Key. At the place you will also encounter an Enemy name Teardrop Scarab, kill it to get Ash of War: Thops’s Barrier.

Church of Irith NPC

At this location you can encounter with a NPC named Thops. He can move and can be fought and slain. If you will give second Academy Glinstone Key that you acquire to him then he will unavailable as a merchant. You can get following items from the Merchant shops:

Glintstone Pebble Sorcery1000
Glintstone ArcSorcery2500

Elden Ring’s Church of Irith Creature

At the location you can encounter with a special creature named Teardrop Scarab. This is a similar to crystal lizards in the Souls Series. You can defeat the creature and collect some valuble items like Ash of War: Thops’s Barrier.

If you will not able to defeat them quickly then they will disappear from the encounter. If you will not able to obtained Ash of War: Thops’s Barrier then double check that you do not have the same item.

Church of Irith Items

You can collect the following items from the Church of Irith Elden Ring game:

MushroomCrafting MaterialMaterial used for crafting items
Warming StoneConsumable ItemUses FP to continuously heal nearby allies
Sacred TearUpgrade MaterialImproves Sacred Flask’s potency
Ash of War: Thops’s BarrierAsh of WarGrants affinities and skills to an armament.

That’s we cover all about the Elden Ring’s Church of Irith Location. You can also explore other Elden Ring Location Guide like Elden Ring Murkwater Cave Location and Elden Ring Sealed Tunnel Location.

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