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Elden Ring Tower of Return Location & Enemies



Elden Ring Tower of Return Location

Elden Ring Tower of Return is a location found in the Weeping Peninsula region. You can easily get to the location with the help of this guide and explore the region to progress in the game.

At this location, you will encounter various creatures and enemies like Wandering Nobles, Godrick Foot Soldier, Godrick Knight and more. Kill the enemies to collect various items that help you to progress in the Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Tower of Return Location Guide

Elden Ring Tower of Return Location

Tower of Return is located in Weeping Peninsula, at the southern tip of the western landmass. You can reach there on foot or horseback. This tower has a Teleporter Chest that you can use to transport at Leyndell, Royal Capital. You should beware of the enemies at this location.

Enemies At Tower of Return

You will encounter various enemies at the Tower of Return in Elden Ring. Defeat the enemies to collect various items. Here are all the enemies and their drops:

  • Wandering Nobles
    • Drops
      • Aristocrat Set
      • Old Aristocrat Set
      • Glintstone Staff
      • Noble’s Estoc
      • Noble’s Slender Sword
      • Rowa Fruit
      • Herba
      • Erdleaf Flower
      • Golden Sunflower
      • Fire Blossom
      • Rimed Crystal Bud
      • Ruin Fragment
  • Godrick Foot Soldier
    • Drops
      • 56 – 71 Runes
      • Godrick Foot Soldier Set
      • Dagger
      • Short Sword
      • Short Spear
      • Soldier’s Crossbow
      • Bolt
      • Smoldering Butterfly
      • Mushroom
  • Godrick Soldier
    • Drops
      • 77 – 81 Runes
      • Godrick Soldier Set
      • Lordsworn’s Straight Sword
      • Warpick
      • Heavy Crossbow
      • Lordsworn’s Shield
      • Brass Shield
      • Bolt
      • Lordsworn’s Bolt
      • Smithing Stone [1]
  • Godrick Knight
    • Drops
      • 260 – 273 Runes
      • Godrick Knight Set
      • Knight’s Greatsword
      • Partisan
      • Gilded Greatshield


All the items that you can collect from the Elden Ring Tower of Return are mentioned below:

Great Dragonfly HeadCrafting MaterialUsed for crafting items
Rowa FruitCrafting MaterialUsed for crafting items
BoltArrowUsed in ranged weapons

This was everything about Elden Ring Tower of Return Location & Enemies. You can also explore other Elden Ring guides like Elden Ring Sewer Gaol Location Guide and Academy Crystal Cave Boss.

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