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Elden Ring Sewer Gaol Location Guide




Elden Ring Sewer Gaol Location Guide

Because of its huge world players get’s confused about different places in the Elden Ring game, But we are here to help you guide different and important locations in the Elden Ring world, and Sewer Gaol is one of such important locations which you need to visit if you want to complete the Dung Eater questline so let’s see the Sewer Gaol Location Guide.

Elden Ring Sewer Gaol Location Guide

Sewer Gaol is a room that needs a key to open and you will get this from the Dungeon Eater Spirit at the roundtable hold. But in order to get the key, you need to show him Seedbed Curse.

So now you need to travel to Avenue Balcony Site of Grace which is situated at the Leyndell, Royal Capital. And then you have to go down with the help of the stairs, once you reach the bottom of the stairs you need to go left after you enter the door.

And after a certain distance, you will see a railing on which you have to jump and get to the lower level with the help of that. So once you reach there you have to move towards the northwest until you will find a well on your right side.

Now you need to enter the well and then have to follow the path that is in front of you, and then you will find a ladder that is indicating the dropdown. And from there you need to follow the path until you found another drop with a ladder.

Now you need to jump from the drop and move towards the northeast, and then on your path, you will find a hole in the ground and you have to go inside that hole and you have to move towards your northwest.

You will find some poison spitting plants in your path whom you have to escape, once you pass that place you need to go through the ladder and take it right from there. And you will now see the door that will open with the help of the key that you get from the Dung Eater spirit. Use that and open the door and you get the Sewer Gaol there.

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