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Elden Ring Sellia Evergoal Location & Boss



Elden Ring Sellia Evergoal Location

Elden Ring Sellia Evergoal is a location found in the Dragonbarrow region. You can reach the location and explore to obtain various items like Battlemage Hugues Ashes, Runes and more. Here, we are going to share a complete guide on the Sellia Evergoal location so, you can easily reach there and explore the whole location.

Sellia Evergoal Location Guide

Sellia Evergoal is located in the Dragonbarrow region. You can get the Dragonbarrow map to reach the location in Elden Ring. Follow the road to the east from the Dragonbarrow West site of grace and head south where you can find the Dragonbarrow map to reach Sellia Evergoal.

From Caelem Ruins, go due East and there will be a little edge to get around into Dragonbarrow somewhat north of the branch you would bounce on to get to the unwanted cavern. You need to jump over the ledge and afterwards embrace the ridgeline South. You will come to one more edge where you will bounce down. Go on the south and you will see the Evergaol.

Sellia Evergoal Boss

Elden Ring Sellia Evergoal Location

You will encounter a boss named Battlemage Hugues at this location. When you will defeat the boss then gain the Spirit Ashes to summon Battlemage Hugues and returned to the surface.

Battlemage Hugues is an optional boss and multiplayer is not available for this boss fight. You can defeat the Elden Ring’s Sellia Evergoal Boss and obtain the following items:

  • 7800 Runes
  • Battlemage Hugues Ashes

That’s we have covered all about the Sellia Evergoal Location to explore and collect various items. We hope these guides will helps you to explore the Sellia Evergoal location in Elden Ring. Apart from this, you can also explore Elden Ring’s other location guides like Lakeside Crystal Cave Location and Hallowhorn Grounds Location to collect various items and progress in the game.

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