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Elden Ring Sealed Tunnel Location, Boss, Enemies, Items



Elden Ring Sealed Tunnel Location

Elden Ring Sealed Tunnel is a location of the Altus Plateau. You can open the path of the Seales Tunnel by the attack on it. If you are facing some difficulty and have some queries related to the Sealed Tunnel Location then here we are going to share all details related to the location, Boss at the place, Enemies, Items that you can collect and much other information. So, be with us till the end and know everything about the Elden Ring’s Sealed Tunnel.

Elden Ring Sealed Tunnel Location Guide

Sealed Tunnel is a location in the Elden Ring located in Altus Plateau Region. You can find the tunnel outside of the castle walls on the southeast side. When you will go down into the ravine then you will find a mining outpost that can be accessed easily by horse.

Elden Ring Sealed Tunnel Location Guide

Inside, you will find a site of grace and you can hear miners working but no way to enter. The tunnel is guarded by a wall that you need to break by hitting it with your weapons.

Sealed Tunnel Boss

At Sealed Tunnel, you can find an optional boss named Onyx Lord. The player can summon Spirit Ashes for the one in the Sealed Tunnel and multiplayer is allowed for the boss. You can defeat the boss and obtain the following items:

  • 16000 Runes
  • Onyx Lord’s Greatsword

Regular Creatures and Enemies

You can encounter the following Regular Creatures and Enemies:

  • Miner
    • Drops
      • 92 ~ 1961 Runes
      • Explosive Stone
      • Explosive Stone Clump
      • Poisoned Stone
      • Poisoned Stone Clump
      • Cracked Crystal
      • Pickaxe
      • Smithing Stones
  • Abductor Virgin
    • Drops
      • Runes
  • Abnormal Stone Clusters 
    • Drops
      • 23 ~ 499 Runes
      • Ruin Fragment
      • Sanctuary Stone
      • Volcanic Stone

Sealed Tunnel Items

You can collect the following items from the Sealed Tunnel Elden Ring game:

Cracked CrystalCrafting MaterialUsed for crafting items
Large Glintstone ScrapConsumable ItemBreak gem and use FP to produce many magic bolts
Golden Rune (5)Consumable ItemUse to gain runes
Golden Rune (9)Consumable ItemUse to gain many runes
Poisoned StoneConsumable ItemThrow at enemies to cause a buildup of poison
Gold-Pickled Fowl FootConsumable ItemBoosts rune acquisition for a time (30%)
Ruin FragmentCrafting MaterialUsed for crafting items
Smithing Stone (5)Upgrade MaterialReinforce armaments up to +15
Smithing Stone (6)Upgrade MaterialReinforce armaments up to +18
Somber Smithing Stone (5)Upgrade MaterialReinforce special armaments to +5
Onyx Lord’s GreatswordCurved GreatswordGood Weapon for its Unique Magic Skills
Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing [2] Key ItemOffer to Twin Maiden Husks for new item access
Stonesword Key Key ItemUse to break one imp statue seal

That’s all about the Elden Ring Sealed Tunnel Location, Boss, Weapons, Items etc. If you are curious to learn other Elden Ring location guides then you can check out Castle Sol Location Elden Ring and Elden Ring Carian Study Hall Location.

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