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Elden Ring Murkwater Cave Location, Boss, Armor, Items



, Boss, Armor, Items

Elden Ring Murkwater Cave is a location in the game and located in the Limgrave Region. You can reach Murkwater Cave and explore the location to collect some useful items, weapons and more. Here, we are going to share a complete guide on Murkwater Cave that helps you to reach the location and obtained some useful items and more.

Murkwater Cave Location Guide

Murkwater Cave location can be found in the Limgrave region. You can reach the location halfway through the Murkwater River. You need to beware of Bloody Finger Nerijus’ position. You should use the Torch at the location to see.

Explore the Murkwater Cave is not an easy task, you need to defeat enemies on the way. You can get different items from the location and use them to progress in the game.

Elden Ring Murkwater Cave Boss

In the Elden Ring Murkwater Cave, you can find Patches, who is Merchant, NPC and Boss. You can’t summon Spirit Ashes for this boss and multiplayer is allowed for the boss. You can defeat the boss and obtain the following items:

  • 800 Runes
  • Spear+7
  • Leather Armor
  • Leather Gloves
  • Leather Boots
  • x2 Golden Rune (1)
  • Grovel for Mercy (Gesture) (if spared)

Creature At Murkwater Cave

You can encounter with Humanoid Enemy named Highwayman. Defeat the Creature to obtain the following items such as:

  • 59 – 71 Runes
  • Bolt x5
  • Smoldering Butterfly
  • Highwayman Hood
  • Highwayman Cloth Armor
  • Highwayman Gauntlets
  • Short Sword
  • Dagger
  • Mushroom

Elden Ring Murkwater Cave Armor

You can collect the following items from the location:

ArmorArmor TypeWeight TypeArmor Set
Highwayman HoodHelmLight ArmorHighwayman Set
Cloth GarbChestLight ArmorCloth Set
Highwayman GauntletsGauntletMedium ArmorHighwayman Set
Cloth TrousersLegLight Armor

Murkwater Cave Items

You can collect the following items from the Murkwater Cave Elden Ring game:

Cave MossCrafting MaterialUsed for crafting items
MushroomCrafting MaterialUsed for crafting items
Golden Rune (1)Consumable ItemUsed to gain a small number of runes
Grave Glovewort [1]Upgrade MaterialStrengthen ashes to +1
Cloth GarbChest ArmorIncrease of defence and resistance
Cloth TrousersLeg ArmorOffers little protection
Highwayman HoodHelmBoost Immunity resistance
Highwayman Cloth ArmorChest ArmorIncrease of defence and resistance
Highwayman GauntletsGauntletsProtect both of the player’s arms
Leather ArmorChest ArmorProvides some Immunity Resistance
Leather GlovesGauntletsProtect both of the player’s arms
Leather BootsLeg ArmorProtect both of the player’s legs and feet
Spear +7SpearGood Weapon for short-range dexterity build fighter

That’s all about the Elden Ring Murkwater Cave Location to explore and collect various Armor and items. You can also explore other Elden Ring Location guide by going to the Elden Ring Guide section.

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