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Elden Ring Morne Tunnel Location, Boss, Weapons, Items



Elden Ring Morne Tunnel Location, Boss, Weapons, Items

Elden Ring Morne Tunnel is a location that can be found in Weeping Peninsula Region. If you are looking for all details related to the location such as Morne Tunnel Boss, Where to find Morne Tunnel, Weapons, Items, Merchants, Site of Grace and much other information.

Morne Tunnel

Morne Tunnel is a small optional dungeon and here you can find materials, weapons and one optional boss at the last. Before going to the tunnel make sure you have a torch because you need to light up dark parts of the tunnel. You can find the site of grace for Morne Tunnel by riding the lift down to underground LVL 1.

In this location, you can find various items like x1 Cracked Crystal, Explosive Stone Clump, x1 Soft Cotton, x2 Arteria Leaf, x1 Exalted Flesh, x1 Stanching Boluses and many other items. You can also encounter with Misbegotten enemy and kill him to obtain an Iron Cleaver weapon or Old Fang material.

Where to Find Morne Tunnel?

Elden Ring Morne Tunnel Location Map

Morne Tunnel can be found in the Weeping Peninsula’s Minor Erdtree east side. You can easily go there by heading west from South of the Lookout Tower and follow the way around and down into the chasm, here you can find the entrance of the Tunnel at the southern end.

Elden Ring Morne Tunnel Boss

At Morne Tunnel, players can encounter Scaly Misbegotten, who is a boss version of axe-wielding. Scaly Misbegotten can be found at the end of the Morne Tunnel but the boss is optional and you don’t need to defeat him. Multiplayer¬†is allowed for this field boss and you can Summon Spirit ashes for Scaly Misbegotten. You can kill the boss and obtain 2000 Runes and Rusted Anchor.

Elden Ring Morne Tunnel Weapons

You can find out one Weapon at the Morne Tunnel named Rusted Anchor. This weapon is a greataxe that scales primarily with Strength and Dexterity. Players can use this weapon for dealing great damage as well as need great strength to wield.

Rusted Anchor Stats

  • Attack Power
    • Physical – 147
    • Critical – 100
  • Guarded Damage Negation
    • Physical – 68
    • Magic – 36
    • Fire – 36
    • Lightning – 36
    • Holy – 36
    • Boost – 44
  • Requires
    • Strength – 26
    • Dexterity – 9
  • Scaling
    • Strength – C
    • Dexterity – E

You can upgrade the Rusted Anchor with the help of Smithing Stones and can be infused with Ashes of War. If you want to sell the weapon then you can get 200 Runes.

Morne Tunnel Items

Below, we have shared all the crafting and consumable items that can be found at the Elden Ring’s Morne Tunnel:

  • Crafting Material
    • x1 Cracked Crystal
  • Consumable Item
    • Explosive Stone Clump
    • x2 Arteria Leaf
    • x1 Exalted Flesh
    • x1 Golden Rune (2)
    • x2 Large Glintstone Scrap
    • x1 Stanching Boluses
    • x1 Golden Rune (4)
    • x1 Soft Cotton

Morne Tunnel Regular Creatures & Enemies

You can encounter two enemies at the Morne Tunnel mentioned below:

  • Miner
    • Drops
      • 92 ~ 419 Runes
      • Explosive Stone
      • Explosive Stone Clump
      • Poisoned Stone
      • Poisoned Stone Clump
      • Cracked Crystal
      • Pickaxe
      • Smithing Stones
  • Misbegotten
    • Drops
      • 59 Runes
      • Iron Cleaver
      • Misbegotten Shortbow
      • Longhaft Axe
      • Old Fang

Upgrade Materials

You can collect two upgrade materials listed below:

  • x9 Smithing Stone [1]
  • x3 Somber Smithing Stone [1]

If you want to search for the NPC at the Morne Tunnel then don’t waste your time because there is no NPC available. We hope this guide will help you to explore the location and obtained important items. You can also explore other Elden Ling guides like Where To Find Twinsage Glintstone Crown and How To Increase Memory Slots Elden Ring.

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