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Elden Ring Grand Cloister Location, Boss, Items

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Elden Ring Grand Cloister Location

Elden Ring Grand Cloister is a location found in the Lake of Rot Region. You can easily reach the location with the help of this guide. Here, we are going to share How to get to Grand Cloister Location, the Boss at Grand Cloister, Items that you collect etc.

You can explore Grand Cloister and collect various items like Dewkissed Herba, Faded Erdleaf Flower, Golden Centipede and many other items that we have listed below.

How To Get To Grand Cloister Location

You can find the Grand Cloister’s location in the Lake of Rot Region. To reach the location you need to go down the stairs by the waterfall in the southern section of the Lake of Rot Region. To reach Lake of Rot you need to head southwest from the Nokstella waterfall Basin Site of Grace in Ainsel River Main.

 How To Get To Grand Cloister Location

You can explore the Elden Ring Grans Cloister location and collect various items. You will also encounter several enemies and bosses, and defeat them to collect various items like Runes, Aeonian Butterfly, Faded Erdleaf Flower, Pest’s Glaive and various items.

Grand Cloister Boss

You will find two bosses named Astel, Naturalborn of the Void and Ulcerated Tree Spirit at Grand Cloister. These bosses are optional which means you don’t need to defeat them to advance in Elden Ring. If you want to collect some items then you can defeat the boss. You can collect various items from the Grand Cloister like:

  • Astel, Naturalborn of the Void
    • Drops
      • 80000 Runes
      • NG++ ~250000 Runes
      • Remembrance of the Naturalborn
  • Ulcerated Tree Spirit
    • Drops
      • Golden Seed

Wildlife Creature At Grand Cloister

You will encounter Lesser Kindred of Rot (Pests) at the Grand Cloister location of Elden Ring. Here, we have listed the drops by Lesser Kindred of Rot (Pests).

  • 612 Runes (At Mines)
  • 1,579Runes (At Grand Cloister)
  • 10,000 Runes (As Boss)
  • Aeonian Butterfly
  • Faded Erdleaf Flower
  • Pest’s Glaive


All the items that you can collect from the Elden Ring Grand Cloister are mentioned below:

Dewkissed HerbaCrafting MaterialUsed To Craft Items
Faded Erdleaf FlowerCrafting MaterialUsed To Craft Items
Golden CentipedeCrafting MaterialUsed To Craft Items
Nascent ButterflyCrafting MaterialUsed To Craft Items
Smoldering ButterflyCrafting MaterialUsed To Craft Items
Ghost Glovewort (9)Upgrade MaterialStrengthened renowned ashes to +9
Golden SeedUpgrade MaterialIncreases Sacred Flask’s number of uses
Smithing Stone (6)Upgrade MaterialReinforce armaments up to +18
Smithing Stone (7)Upgrade MaterialReinforce armaments up to +21
Fan DaggersConsumable ItemThrown fanned-out knives at enemies to inflict damage
Golden Rune (10)Consumable ItemUse to gain a great many runes
Scorpion’s StingerDaggerGood Weapon for quickly applying the rot effect and dealing powerful damage-over-time

This was all about the Grand Cloister location in Elden Ring to reach and explore. You can also explore other Elden Ring Location guides like Elden Ring Hallowhorn Grounds Location and Highroad Cave Location.

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