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Elden Ring Gatefront Ruin Location, Boss, Weapons, Items



Elden Ring Gatefront Ruin Location, Boss, Weapons, Items

Gatefront Ruin is a location in Elden Ring that can be found in Limgrave Region. If you are looking for a way to reach the Gatefront Ruins location then you are in the right place. Here, we are going to cover How to reach Gatefront Ruin, Bosses and their drops, Items, Weapons and much other information.

Gatefront Ruin Location Guide

Gatefront Ruin can be found in the Limgrave Region. The location is one of the earliest that probably encounter in the Elden Ring. You can reach the location by taking the north side from the Church of Elleh. You can find Gatefront Ruin on the path of Stormveil Castel.

Elden Ring Gatefront Ruin Location Map

There is a Site of Grace so, you need to discover and use it as a checkpoint. At this point, you will meet Melina. She will introduce herself when you will discovered three sites of grace. You can speak to Melina to unlock the feature of levelling up at Sites of Grace with the help of runes. Then you will obtain Spectral Steed Whistle that will help you to summon your mount, Torrent. Ahead in the game you can use the Spectral Steed Whistle to traverse the overland.

Elden Ring Gatefront Ruin Weapons

All the weapons that you can find at the Gatefront Ruin

Weapon NameWeapon TypeDamage Type
Gilded GreatshieldGreat ShieldStrike
Lordsworn’s GreatswordGreatswordStandard Pierce

Boss At Gatefront Ruin

At Gatefront Ruin you can encounter a boss named Tree Sentinels which is a series of bosses in Elden Ring game. The boss is optional and you don’t need to defeat the boss to advance in Elden Ring. Tree Sentinels is a Field boss and multiplayer is allow for this. You can defeat Gatefront Ruin and obtain the following items

  • 3,200 Runes
  • 16,000 Runes (NG+1)
  • 17,600 Runes (NG+2)
  • Golden Halberd

Gatefront Ruin Crafting Material

Below, we have shared all the crafting items that can be found at the Elden Ring’s Gatefront Ruin location:

  • Herba
    • Use To Craft
      • Staunching Boluses
      • Neutralizing Boluses
      • Thawfrost Boluses
      • Stimulating Boluses
      • Pickled Turtle Neck
  • Erdleaf Flower
    • Use To Craft
      • Furlcalling Finger Remedy
      • Warming Stone
      • Grace Mimic
  • Rowa Fruit
    • Use To Craft
      • Rowa Raisin
      • Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot
      • Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot
      • Pickled Turtle Neck
      • Fireproof Dried Liver
      • Cured Immunizing Meat
      • Exalted Flesh
      • Spellproof Dried Liver
      • Immunizing White Cured Meat
      • Soft Cotton

Creatures and Enemies

All the Creatures and Enemies of the location Gatefront Ruin are mentioned below:

  • Lone Wolf (Wildlife Creature)
    • Drops
      • Thin Animal Bones
      • Lump of Flesh
      • 66 Runes
  • Wandering Nobles (Humanoid enemies)
    • Drops
      • Rowa Fruit
      • Herba
      • Erdleaf Flower
      • Golden Sunflower
      • Fire Blossom
      • Rimed Crystal Bud
      • Ruin Fragment
  • Godrick Knight (Humanoid enemy)
    • Drops
      • Partisan
      • Knight’s Greatsword

That’s we cover all about Elden Ring Gatefront Ruin Location, Boss, Weapons, Items. If you are searching for the other Elden Ring Location guide then never forget to check out Elden Ring Apostate Derelict Location and Elden Ring Morne Tunnel Location and more in Elden Ring Guide section.

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