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Elden Ring Deeproot Depths Location Guide



Elden Ring Deeproot Depths Location Guide

Elden Ring Deeproot Depths is a region found underground. You can easily reach the location with the help of our Elden Ring Deeproot Depths Location Guide.

Here, we are going to share all the details regarding the location like How to get to Deeproot Depths, Deeproot Depths Bosses, Creatures, Armor, Weapons and many other items. In this guide, we have also shared recommended level for the location.

How to get to Deeproot Depths in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring Deeproot Depths Location map

The region is located underground. You need to defeat Valiant Gargoyle in Siofra Aqueduct and reach the location through entering the Coffin. The Coffin will take you to the new area, where you need to touch the Site of Grace to start your journey in Deeproot Depths.

You can explore various sites of Grace and Sub-location in this region. All the Sites of Grace and Sub-Location of Deeproot Depths mentioned below:

  • Across the Roots
  • Deeproot Depths
  • Great Waterfall Crest
  • Prince of Death’s Throne
  • Root-Facing Cliffs
  • The Nameless Eternal City
  • Walking Mausoleum (Sub-Location)

Elden Ring Deeproot Depths Bosses

All the Deeproot Depths Bosses & Field Bosses Locations and Drops mentioned below:

BossesBosses LocationBosses Drops
Fia’s championsDeeproot Depths40000 Runes
Fia’s Mist
Lichdragon FortissaxDeeproot Depths90000 Runes
Remembrance of the Lichdragon
Crucible Knight SiluriaDeeproot Depths25000 Runes
Siluria’s Tree
Erdtree AvatarDeeproot Depths10,000 Runes
Staff of the Avatar

Elden Ring Deeproot Depths Creatures & Enemies

Here, you can see the list of the Deeproot Depths Creatures & Enemies:

Creatures LocationDrops
BasiliskAinsel River611 Runes
Mausoleum SoldierDeeproot Depths67 Runes
Mausoleum Surcoat
Mausoleum Gauntlets
Mausoleum Greaves
Lordsworn’s Straight Sword
Brass Shield
Lordsworn’s Bolts
Smithing Stone (1)
Heavy Crossbow
Giant AntAinsel River584 Runes
Mausoleum KnightDeeproot DepthsEclipse Crest Greatshield
Mausoleum Knight Set
Knight’s Greatsword
406 Runes
Lesser RunebearDeeproot Depths10,000 Runes
Staff of the Avatar

Elden Ring Deeproot Depths Items List

You can collect some materials from Deeproot Depths to craft items and many other items. All the items available on the Deeproot Depths that you can gather are mentioned below:

  • Dewkissed Herba (Crafting Material)
  • Golden Centipede  (Crafting Material)
  • Human Bone Shard  (Crafting Material)
  • Melted Mushroom  (Crafting Material)
  • Nascent Butterfly  (Crafting Material)
  • Rune Arc  (Consumable Item)
  • Warming Stone (Consumable Item)

Deeproot Depths Equipment & Magic

All the Equipment & Magic can be get from the location mentioned below:

  • Clarifying Boluses
  • Crucible Set
  • Elden Stars
  • Golden Rune (6)
  • Golden Rune (8)
  • Golden Rune (9)
  • Mausoleum Soldier Ashes
  • Prince of Death’s Staff
  • Numen’s Rune (only from the Root-Facing Cliffs)

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