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Elden Ring Boss Difficulty Tier List 2022



Elden Ring Boss Difficulty Tier List

Here, we have brought Elden Ring Boss Difficulty Tier List. With the help of this tier list, you can get the rank of the Bosses and know their power of them before going to fight with them. As we know Bosses in Elden Ring are very powerful enemies that challenge you to fight in the game.

You can encounter the Bosses on the whole Map of Elden Ring. Each Elden Ring Bosses has its own set of moves, geat and also a various weakness. If you will successfully defeat any boss then you can get some weapons and items that will help you further in the game.

Elden Ring Boss Difficulty Tier List

Here, we have shared the Difficulty Tier List for Elden Ring Boss. You can know the difficulty of the Bosses before fighting with them. Let’s know Elden Ring Boss Difficulty Tier List


S-TIER list of the game define the Extremely Hard Bosses of Elden Ring:

Tier NameBoss NameDifficulty Level
S-TierMalenia, Blade Of MiquellaExtremely Hard 
S-TierElden BeastExtremely Hard 


A-TIER list of the game define the Super Hard Bosses of Elden Ring but not difficult as S-TIER:

Tier NameBoss NameDifficulty Level
A-TierCommander NiallSuper Hard 
A-TierDragonlord PlacidusaxSuper Hard 
A-TierMaliketh of The Black BladeSuper Hard 
A-TierMargit the Fell OmenSuper Hard 
A-TierMorgott, The Omen KingSuper Hard 
A-TierRadagon of The Golden OrderSuper Hard 
A-TierStarcourge RadahnSuper Hard 
A-TierValiant GargoyleSuper Hard 
A-TierAlecto, Blade Knife RingleaderSuper Hard 


B-TIER list of the game define the Very Hard Bosses of Elden Ring but not difficult as A-TIER:

Tier NameBoss NameDifficulty Level
B-TierDecaying EkzykesVery Hard
B-TierElember Of The BriarVery Hard
B-TierFire GiantVery Hard
B-TierGodfrey, First Elden LordVery Hard
B-TierGodrick The GraftedVery Hard
B-TierGodskin DuoVery Hard
B-TierLickdragon FortissaxVery Hard
B-TierMohg, Lord of BloodVery Hard
B-TierRed Wolf of RadagonVery Hard
B-TierRennala, Queen of The Full MoonVery Hard
B-TierLoretta, Knight of The HaligtreeVery Hard
B-TierRoyal RevenantVery Hard
B-TierAstel, Naturalborn of The VoidVery Hard
B-TierAstel, Stars of DarknessVery Hard


C-TIER list of the game define the Hard Bosses of Elden Ring but not difficult as B-TIER:

Tier NameBoss NameDifficulty Level
C-TierBorealis The Freezing FogHard 
C-TierBlack Blade KindredHard 
C-TierCommander O’NeilHard 
C-TierCrucible KnightHard 
C-TierFull-grown Fallingstar BeastHard 
C-TierGlinstone Dragon SmaragHard 
C-TierFallingstar BeastHard 
C-TierFlying Dragon AgheelHard 
C-TierGodskin ApostleHard 
C-TierGodskin NobleHard 
C-TierGrafted ScionHard 
C-TierLionine MisbegottenHard 
C-TierMohg, The OmenHard 
C-TierNight’s CavalryHard 
C-TierPutrid Tree SpiritHard 
C-TierRykard, Lord of BlasphemyHard 
C-TierRoyal Knight LorettaHard 
C-TierMagma WyrmHard 
C-TierFell TwinsHard 
C-TierTree SentinelHard 


D-TIER list of the game define the Medium Difficulty Bosses of Elden Ring but not difficult as C-TIER:

Tier NameBoss NameDifficulty Level
D-TierCleanrot KnightMedium 
D-TierBlack Knife AssassinMedium 
D-TierBloodhound Knight DarriwilMedium 
D-TierBols, Carian KnightMedium 
D-TierDemi-Human Queen Margot and MaggieMedium 
D-TierErdtree AvatarMedium 
D-TierDragonkin Soldier of NokstellaMedium 
D-TierErdtree Burial WatchdogMedium 
D-TierEsgar, Priest of BloodMedium 
D-TierFia’s ChampionsMedium 
D-TierGodfrey the GraftedMedium 
D-TierGrave Wardem DuelistMedium 
D-TierKindred of The RotMedium 
D-TierLion GuardianMedium 
D-TierNox DOUMedium 
D-TierSir Gideon OfnirMedium 
D-TierRegal Ancestor SpiritMedium 
D-TierStonedigger TrollMedium 
D-TierAdan, Thief of FireMedium 
D-TierBattlemage HuguesMedium 
D-TierBell Bearning HunterMedium 
D-TierDragonkin SoldierMedium 
D-TierOmen KillerMedium 
D-TierAbductor VirginsMedium 
D-TierAncestor SpiritMedium 
D-TierAncient Hero of ZamorMedium 
D-TierAlabaster LordMedium 


F-TIER list of the game define the Easy Difficulty Bosses of Elden Ring but not difficult as D-TIER:

Tier NameBoss NameDifficulty Level
F-TierBeast of Farum AzulaEasy
F-TierCemetery ShadeEasy
F-TierDivine Bridge GolemEasy
F-TierDelmi Human ChiefEasy
F-TierMad Pumpkin HeadEasy
F-TierMimic TearEasy
F-TierMiranda The Blighted BloomEasy
F-TierScaly MisbegottenEasy
F-TierSoldier Of GodrickEasy
F-TierSpiritcaller SnailEasy
F-TierPerfumer TriciaEasy
F-TierOnyx LordEasy
F-TierTibia MarinerEasy

We hope Elden Ring Boss Difficulty Tier List will help you in the game. You can also check other Elden Ring Guide:

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