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Elden Ring Bestial Sanctum Location, NPCs, Bosses



Elden Ring Bestial Sanctum Location, NPCs, Bosses

Are you looking for the Elden Ring Bestial Sanctum Location? if yes then you are in the right place. Here, we are going to share all details related to Bestial Sanctum Location, NPCs, Bosses, Items and more.

Bestial Sanctum Location Guide

Elden Ring Bestial Sanctum Location map

You can easily reach the location and do a lot of things. The location can be found in Dragonbarrow. You can explore the northeastern portion of Dragonbarrow through Caelid to reach the location. You can also take a teleporter in Eastern Limgrave after meeting with D, Hunter of the Dead and get the direction.

Elden Ring Bestial Sanctum NPC

Gurranq Beast Clergyman is an NPC and player encounters him in their journey. This NPC helps players to gather various information in the game. Gurranq Beast Clergyman is very hungry and you can assume his eternal hungriness by seeing his deformed creature.

The role of this NPC is a special trader and he does not move. The player can defeat Gurranq Beast Clergyman to obtain the Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone.

You can meet Gurranq, Beast Clergyman and get the following items from the Shop:

ItemItem Type
Clawmark SealSacred Seal
Bestial VitalityIncantation
Bestial SlingIncantation
Ash of War: Beast’s RoarAshes of War
Beast ClawIncantation
Stone of GurranqIncantation
Ancient Dragon Smithing StoneEquipment Upgrade
Beastclaw GreathammerWarhammer
Gurranq’s Beast ClawIncantation

Bestial Sanctum Boss

You will encounter the Black Blade Kindred at the location that will be guarding the entrance to the Bestial Sanctum. The defeat of the boss is not required to access the entrance.

Apart from this, you will receive the fourth Deathroot then Gurranq will be hostile but he will be normal after sustaining enough damage.

List of the Items At Bestial Sanctum

  • Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone
  • Beastclaw Greathammer
  • Bestial Sling
  • Bestial Vitality
  • Clawmark Seal
  • Gargoyle’s Blackblade (Black Blade Kindred drop)
  • Gargoyle’s Black Halberd (Black Blade Kindred drop)
  • Stone of Gurranq
  • Ash of War: Beast’s Roar
  • Beast Eye

We hope Elden Ring Bestial Sanctum Guide will help you to explore the location and collect useful items. You can also explore other Elden Ring Location guides like Church of Vows Location Elden Ring and Elden Ring Deeproot Depths Location Guide.

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