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Elden Ring Best Bleed Weapons




Elden Ring Best Bleed Weapons

In this guide, we have shared the information regarding Elden Ring’s best bleed weapons and where you can find them to fight with your enemies. This amazing game has powerful weapons for every situation that you can imagine and among those powerful weapons Bleed Weapons are really awesome who every player is searching for and why not it really give huge damage to the enemy.

But there is a problem with selecting the best bleed weapons as there are a huge no. of bleed weapons available in the game also you can customise many weapons to become bleed infused but we have made the list for you so check them out not.

If you want to see all the weapons ranked wise then you can check this Elden Ring Weapon Tier List, and if you create your own boss weapon then you check this article How To Make Boss Weapons In Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Best Bleed Weapons

We have mentioned many great weapons that are very powerful and infuse huge damage but if you don’t how to use the weapons properly then it is of no use so also try to work on your skills and then it will become a very deadly combination.

Rivers of Blood

River of Blood is one of the very famous weapons which almost every player has encountered while multiplayer in Elden Ring. Also, this weapon is very efficient and has the ability to beat anyone then be it Basic enemies, elite enemies, invaders, bosses, and even the final boss.

You can go with Bleed Build Up with this weapon and it will become a killing machine that can destroy any enemy. So if you want this killer sword then you have to defeat Bloodyfinger Okina at Church Of Repose.

Cross Naginata

Cross Naginata

Cross Naginata is a safer yet amazing weapon because of its long size it becomes fairly easy for the players to hit anyone from a safe distance. If you want to make it a deadly Bleed weapon by performing several attacks by applying Seppuku so that it will bleed surprisingly quickly.

You can use Cross-Naginata in both PVE and PVP mode as it works great in both the mode which is simply great. You won’t find this weapon very fast but its speed is enough to kill several enemies. And you can find this weapon at Gael Tunnel in Caelid.

Godskin Peelers

Godskin Peelers

Godskin Peeler is a Twinblade weapon that has some great moves like Slash, Poke and power stance but this weapon does not Bleed natively so for that you have to put Seppuku on it. If you pair up Uchigatana and Seppuku Godskin Peelers it will Build Bleed really fast that you can easily haemorrhage enemy multiple times in a single jump attack and only a few enemies can survive this combo.

You can find Godskin Apostle at Windmill Village in the Altus Plateau and after defeating him you will get this weapon.

Eleanora’s Poleblade

Eleanora’s Poleblade

This is an another Twinblade weapon that has natively Bleed Build Up and able to bleed faster than most of the weapon avilable in the game. The Weapon Art of this weapon Bloodblade dance does great damage and also look very fancy and bleed very fast also using this you can Bleed multiple times, on multiple enemies and can still keep yourself safe.

And if you want to achive this weapon you have to complete theYura’s Questline and then you can kill your enemies with this great weapon.



So now we have something amazing that is fast, great range, and bleed really fast at the same time and if you choose the samurai you can have two of this awesome weapon so now just think how deadly it will become with the combo.

Although it is enough but still if you put Seppuku you will witness a more deadly weapon that can kill any enemy in a very short time bosses do take time but you will really see a great damagae per second compared to the earlier one.

So if you want your second Uchigatana then become a deadly killing machine then you can find it by visiting Limgrave by going through the Deathtouched Catacombs.

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