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Elden Ring Auriza Hero’s Grave Boss, Location & Items



Elden Ring Auriza Hero's Grave Boss, Location & Items

Elden Ring Auriza Hero’s Grave is a location found in the eastern section of the Capital Outskirts. You can easily reach Auriza Hero’s Grave location with the help of this guide and explore to progress in the game.

Auriza Hero’s Grave Location has several Bosses and Enemies that you can defeat to collect the various items like Aspects of the Crucible: Tail, Runes, Ordovis’s Greatsword, Crucible Axe Helm, Crucible Axe Armor and more.

Here, we are going to share the Auriza Hero’s Grave Location, Auriza Hero’s Grave Boss, Creatures and Enemies details so, be with us and explore the location in a better way.

Auriza Hero’s Grave Location Guide

Auriza Hero's Grave Location Guide

Auriza Hero’s Grave is a location found in the eastern section of the Capital Outskirts. Follow the main path within the outskirt walls, all the way to the east side to reach Auriza Hero’s Grave Location in Elden Ring.

Auriza Hero’s Grave Boss

You will encounter two optional bosses named Crucible Knight and Crucible Knight Ordovis. You can summon a spirit for Crucible Knight Ordovis but not for Crucible Knight. You can defeat the Bosses to collect the following items from their drop:

  • Crucible Knight
    • Drops
      • 2,100 Runes
      • 10,500 Runes (NG+)
      • Aspects of the Crucible: Tail
  • Crucible Knight Ordovis
    • Drops
      • 28000 Runes
      • Ordovis’s Greatsword
      • Crucible Axe Helm
      • Crucible Axe Armor
      • Crucible Gauntlets
      • Crucible Greaves

Creature & Enemies

You will meet several Creatures & Enemies at the Auriza Hero’s Grave location. Here, we have shared the list of the enemies and drops that you can collect:

  • Basilisk
    • Drop
      • 611 – 819 Runes
      • Aeonian Butterfly
  • Chariot
    • Drop
      • Erdtree Greatbow
      • Tree Sentinel Set
      • Ash of War: Holy Ground
  • Omen
    • Drop
      • 1111 – 2520 Runes
      • Omen Cleaver
      • Warped Axe
  • Skeletal Militiaman
    • Drop
      • 35 Runes
      • Human Bone Shard


All the items that you can collect from the Elden Ring Auriza Hero’s Grave are mentioned below:

Root ResinCrafting MaterialUsed for crafting items
ArrowArrowDeal ranged damage
Ghost Glovewort [6]Upgrade MaterialStrengthen renowned ashes to +6
Crucible Axe SetArmor SetBoasts superior Physical and Magical defences
Ordovis’s Greatsword GreatswordGood Weapon for Faith builds
Tree Sentinel SetArmor SetBoasts superior overall Physical defenses and high Fire defense
Crucible Feather TalismanTalismanImproves dodge rolling but increases damage taken
Golden EpitaphStraight SwordGood Weapon for dealing Holy Damage
Ash of War: Holy GroundAsh of War & Upgrade Material Grants affinities and skills to an armament
Vulgar Militia AshesSpirit SummonSummons three vulgar militia spirits
Stonesword KeyKey ItemUse to break one imp statue seal
Golden Rune [7]Consumable ItemUse to gain many runes

That, we have covered everything about Elden Ring Auriza Hero’s Grave Boss, Location & Items. You can also check out Elden Ring’s other guides like Elden Ring Academy Crystal Cave and Where To Get Whetstone Knife Elden Ring.

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