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Elden Ring Ash of War Locations & List




Elden Ring Ash of War Locations & List

Ash of War is a very ultimate item in the Elden Ring game which we have already discussed in other articles like how to equip Ash of War that you can check and here we will tell you the complete list of Ash of War and all the different locations where you can find the item.

So if you don’t know let me give you a small intro about Ash of War which is an item that you can equip with your weapon to change the Weapon Art of that particular weapon where Weapon Art is the inbuilt ability of the weapon that you can use to defeat your enemies.

Ash of War List Elden Ring

Ash of War List Elden Ring

Below you can find all the know, Ash of War, till now and if any new will be added in the game we will update the list here.

Ash Of WarEffects
Barricade Shield (all shields)deflect stronger attacks temporarily by transferring energy into your sword.
Bloodhound Step (all melee armaments)You will receive a high dodge roll upgrade, and also starts moving very fast comparatively.
Carian Glintsword (all swords)It will transform your sword into a glowing blue sword for one slash and at the same time will increase its damage.
Determination (all weaponsIncrease the damage for the next attack.
Glintsword Arch (all thrusting weapons)Summon an Arch above you to attack all nearby enemies.
Gravitas (medium to large weapons)Helps you to perform an AOE attack in order to drag nearby enemies towards you using a gravitational pull.
Hoarfrost Stomp (all melee armaments)Let you spread a freezing mist along the ground to apply the frost status effect.
Holy Ground (all shields)Able to create an area on the ground that will continuously restore health and defense stats by holding your shield toward the sky.
Lightning Ram (all melee armaments)Imbue your body in lightning before rolling forward, dealing lightning damage to anyone that touches you
Piercing Fang (medium to large thrusting weapons)Charged up thrust forward attack that is unblockable
Prelate’s Charge (colossal axes and large hammers)Plunge into the ground with your fire engulf weapon
Repeating Thrust (all thrusting weapons)Perform a twist and plunge immediately into several thrust attacks
Seppuku (all swords and polearms)Stain your weapon with your own blood to improve blood loss inflicting ability.
Storm Blade (all slashing weapons)Able to create short range projectile made of storms by forward thrusting.
Storm Stomp (all weapons)Damage enemies by creating miniature storm around you
Thunderbolt (all weapons)Gives you the ability to fire several lighting bolts from your weapon.

Ash of War Location Elden Ring

Ash of War Location Elden Ring

You can find Ash of war from random cheats, can purchase form NPC’s, and can also obtain by killing certain enemies. And one this that should keep in your mind is whenever you will see an scarab kill them instantly as they can drop Ash of War but also they are very quick and disappear very fast that you will miss them.

Ash of WarLocation
Barricade ShieldStormhill, Forlon Hound Evergaol
Bloodhound StepDragonbarrow, Lenne’s Rise tower
Carian GlintswordKill Teardrop Scarabs
DeterminationBeaches in Western Limgrave
Glintsword Arch Stormfoot Catacombs
GravitasWestern Limgrave beaches (Cave of Knowledge)
Hoarfrost StompSoutheast of Caria Manor (Kill invisible Teardrop Scarab)
Holy GroundLimgrave (Kill Tree Sentinel)
Lightning RamSouth of the Sainted Hero’s Grave Site of Grace
Piercing FangLimgrave
Prelate’s ChargeSouth of Whiteridge Road’s Site of Grace
Repeating ThrustLimgrave and Gatefront Ruins
SeppukuIn Freezing Late Site of Grace (Kill invisible Teardrops Scarab)
Storm StompMurkwater (Kill Grave Warden)
ThunderboltStormveil Castle
Storm BladeStormveil Castle gates towards the cliffs on the side path

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