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Elden Ring Armor Sets: Complete List

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Elden Ring Armor Sets: Complete List

If you are looking for the Elden Ring Armor Sets complete list then you are in the right place. As we all know Armor is the soul of staying alive in the Elden Ring. Armor protects you from enemy damage and also gives you some extra passive abilities.

You can make Armor sets with the help of combining tons of Armor prices in form of Helms, Gauntlets, and Chest and Leg Armor. The Armor sets also give you the ability to make your character stand out in both single and multiplay matches.

All Elden Ring Armor Sets List

Elden Ring Armor Sets

Here, we are going to share the All Elden Ring Armor Sets list:

Armor SetsWeight
Black Knife Set21.8
Astrologer Set13.3
Eccentric Set22.6
Crucible Tree Set36.9
Banished Knight Set41.6
Alberich Set9.7
Blue Silver Mail Set9.2
All-Knowing Set25.3
Beast Champion Set41.6
Consort Set10.2
Depraved Perfumer Set13.4
Blue Cloth Set17.8
Crucible Set36.9
Aristocrat Set9.0
Chain Set21
Carian Knight Set25.1
Battlemage Set10.4
Commoners Set8.5
Azur Glintstone Set11.8
Bull-Goat Set63
Bloodhound Knight Set24.2
Briar Set25.2
Confessor Set19.2
Brave Set11.8
Erdtree Capital Set10.7
Drake Knight Set22
Fire Monk Set27
Festive Set5.8
Gelmir Knight Set28.1
Godrick Knight Set28.1
Finger Maiden Set8.8
Fire Prelate Set58.8
Errant Sorcerer Set11.3
Godskin Apostle Set10.9
Fingerprint Set25.3
Foot Soldier Set19.6
Exile Set21.8
General Radahn Set41.6
Errant Sorcerer Set11.3
Fia Set6.8
Godskin Noble Set12.2
Blaidd Set13.7
Champion Set13.4
Cleanrot Set35.7
Duelist Set19.8
Bloodsoaked Set7.7
Blackflame Set27
Elden Lord Set21.4
Bandit Set16.8
Cuckoo Knight Set28.1
Gold Set9.8
Malformed Dragon Set38
Leyndell Soldier Set24.7
Malenia Set20.5
Lionel Set50.7
Land of Reeds Set19.8
Juvenile Scholar Set5.5
Knight Set25.3
Lusat Set14.3
Highwayman Set17.1
House Marais Set6.3
Kaiden Set20.8
Haligtree Set24.7
Iron Set21
Hoslow Set28.5
High Page Set9.2
Leyndell Knight Set28.1
Guardian Set19.9
Haligtree Knight Set28.1
Millicent Set6.3
Nomadic Merchant Set14.2
Maliketh Set30.5
Night Cavalry Set30.5
Page Set9
Omenkiller Set16.9
Perfumer Set10.7
Perfumer Traveler Set10.7
Mausoleum Set23
Mushroom Set12.1
Melina Set8.9
Mausoleum Knight Set23
Marionette Soldier Set12.6
Omen Set55.0
Old Aristocrat Set9.3
Preceptor Set15.9
Night Maiden Set19.3
Queen of the Full Moon Set11.1
Noble Set14
Nox Monk Set18.8
Ragged Set18.5
Raya-Lucarian Soldier Set24.7
Rotten Duelist Set15.7
Royal Knight Set36.9
Radahn Soldier Set24.7
War Surgeon Set16.6
Prisoner Set14.8
Vulgar Militia Set18.5
Prophet Set9.2
Spellblade Set8.6
Veteran Set45
Redmane Knight Set28.1
Scaled Set38
Vagabond Knight Set23.8
Raging Wolf Set24.1
Zamor Set20.5
White Reed Set19.8
Sanguine Noble Set9.0
Raya-Lucarian Sorcerer Set13.1
Traveling Maiden Set11.6
Twinned Set30
Tree Sentinel Set45
Sacred Set3.6
Royal Remains Set25.3
Traveler Set8.9
Snow Witch Set10.4
Shaman Set11.5
Sage Set9.8
Ruler Set7.3
Ronin Set21.1

Best Armor Set In Elden Ring?

If we talk about the best Armor sets for us then the Banished Knight and Randahn Armor are the best. Both Armor sets give amazing protection. Before choosing any Armor please make sure the weight of the Armor sets should not very heavy.

We hope this Elden Ring Armor Sets List will help you to choose the Armor Sets easily. If you want to get Elden Ring Weapon Tier List then visit our tier list section.

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