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Elden Ring Apostate Derelict Location, Boss, Weapons, Items



Elden Ring Apostate Derelict Location, Boss, Weapons, Items

Elden Ring Apostate Derelict is a location in the game and can be found in Consecrated Snowfield Region. You can easily reach there and explore the location. With the help of the Apostate Derelict Guide, you can know all about the location such as How to get to Apostate Derelict, Boss, Weapons, Items and more.

Elden Ring Apostate Derelict Location

Apostate Derelict Map

Apostate Derelict is a location in Elden ring that can be found in the Consecrated Snowfield. This is an old church and you can reach the location by following the frozen river in the northwest region, taking the help of a hill on the west side and going past the Walking Mausoleum.

At the location, there is not much to do but it serves as the last point for Questline of Latenna’s. You can take a shield from the ground that will give you good absorption. You can also get items from the location Rimed Crystal Bud, Trina’s Lily and Rimed Rowa.

Apostate Derelict Boss

You can encounter the large bird skeleton Boss named Death Rite Bird at the head of the frozen river, just southeast of the Apostate Derelict at night. You can defeat the Boss and obtain the following items:

  • 220,000 Runes
  • 440,000 Runes (NG+1)
  • Explosive Ghostflame

Apostate Derelict Weapons

You can get a medium shield named Silver Mirrorshield from the Apostate Derelict Location. The shield scales primarily with Strength and Intelligence. The Shields has a good balance between defence and weight that is best in combat.

Crafting Material List

Below, we have shared all the crafting items that can be found at the Elden Ring’s Apostate Derelict:

  • 4x Rimed Crystal Bud
  • 12x Trina’s Lily
  • 3x Rimed Rowa

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