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Does Arcane Increase Bleed Elden Ring




Does Arcane Increase Bleed Elden Ring

If you are wondering if Arcane will increase bleeding or not be with us for a few more minutes and you will get to know about that as this guide is focused on does Arcane increases Bleed in Elden Ring or not.

Elden ring is a survival game where weapons have the utmost priority to survive and kill the enemies and each game has its best weapons here in Elden Ring you can consider it be Bleed Weapons that possess great damage to almost the enemy.

Also if you know whether it will increase the bleed or not will completely change the way you use your weapons so let’s get to the answer to your query.

Does Arcane Increase Bleed Elden Ring?

Best Bleed Weapons

So basically the answer is it depends, depending on your weapon stats. So if the weapon you are using has the Arcane Scaling then it will increase the bleed whereas if it doesn’t have that it will not be going to make any difference.

The game has different Bleed weapons that you would like to use so go and try finding one. I you ask me for a weapon then I would suggest you use morning star and try to pair it up with jump talisman and you will experience some insane damage.

So we got our hands on Morning Star but unfortunately Arcane does not work with the Morning Star unless you have an Ash of War so now you know that not all the Bleed Weapon will scale unless you have the right attribute.

What kind of effect does Bleed Is?

If you have confusion then let me tell you Bleed is a status effect that you can build by continuously hitting the target. Due to the repeatedly hitting the haemorrhage meter got filled and trigger the effect and the target will take the damage equal to its max health. Among the huge no. of Bleed weapons I would suggest you go with the passive Bleed Weapons as it will really going to help you a lot.

Should You Upgrade Arcane or Not?

Should You Upgrade Arcane or Not?

So let me tell you that if you are planning to upgrade Arcane then you should do that it was really a bad idea because your attributes are not going to do any effects on your armour. Rather try to scale your weapons that have some sort of Arcane also it would be great if you also focus on other attributes.

But if you want to have higher items then Arcane is also a great attribute to upgrade, as it also going to help you to deal with holy damage. Other than that it will also going to increase your vitality so that your enemies won’t be able to easily stagger you. So it highly depends whether you should upgrade it or not, if you think it is not for you then don’t waste your time and go with other attributes.

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