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What Is the curse mark of death Elden Ring And How To Get That?

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curse mark of death Elden Ring

In the Elden Ring game you will so many amazing items that offer upgrades or runes but at the same time are many things that must be needed in order to proceed in the game. You will find different NPCs in-game and have to complete different quests and in between those quests you will be needed different items to unlock regions and quests in the game.

And curse mark of death is a very important item that will unlock a major boss and an ending in the game. Getting the item is not an easy task but you do not have to fight any boss for that below you can check the proper guidance regarding this.

Where To Find Curse Mark of Death

curse mark of death Elden Ring

So you will find the Curse Mark of Death on the Divine Tower of Liurnia but will be needed an item to unlock the Tower which is the Carian Inverted Statue. And in order to get the item, you have to give Fingerslayer Blade to Ranni by completing her questline.

After you will get the item you will have to make your way toward the Carian Study Hall so that you will be able to get the access to Divine Tower of Liurnia.

What Curse Mark of Death Is Used For?

Curse Mark Of Death is the most important item in order to complete Fia’s questline that will help you get Radiant Baldachin’s Blessing, which will help you enhance your physical damage negation. In order to find Fia, you have to Prince of Death’s Throne Site of Grace in Nokron. This item is also helpful in unlocking the Age of Duskborn Ending.

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