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Church of Vows Location Elden Ring: Bosses, NPC, Items



Church of Vows Location Elden Ring

Church of Vows is a Sub-Location of Liurnia of the Lakes in Elden Ring. You can reach the location with the help of this Church of Vows Location Elden Ring Guide. The following guide contains information related to Church of Vows Bosses, NPC, Weapons and more.

Church of Vows Location Elden Ring Guide

Church of Vows Location Elden Ring Map

Church of Vows is a sub-location of Liurnia of the Lakes so, first, you need to bypass Stormveil Castle to visit the Liurnia of the Lakes. You can visit the second largest region, Liurnia of the Lakes from Stormveil Castle, after defeating Godrick the Grafted to get access to a passage beneath Godrick the Grafted’s throne room in Stormveil Castle.

Church of Vows is located on the eastern side of the region. You need to start travelling by taking the Lake-facing cliff side of the site of grace as the beginning point.

Then, you need to head north and continue on the right side of the map. This way you will see the Purified Ruins and Carian Study Hall. Then, you will see an Artist’s Shack, cross the bridge to reach the Church of Vows Location.

Miriel, Pastor of Vows At Church of Vows

Miriel, Pastor is an NPC or Priest of the Church of Vows looks like a giant turtle. Miriel will welcome you when arriving at the Church of Vows. The NPC interact with you to share the history of the Church and shares knowledge of Sorceries, Incantations, and Radagon.

Miriel, Pastor of Vows Shops Items List

You can get the following items from the shop:

Item NameType of ItemPurchase Value
Magic Glintblade Sorcery3,000
Swift Glintstone Shard Sorcery600
Carian GreatswordSorcery10,000
Blessing’s BoonIncantation4,000
Ancient Dragons’ Lightning StrikeIncantation10,000
Surge, O Flame!Incantation5,500
Ancient Dragons’ Lightning SpearIncantation8,500
Glintblade Phalanx Sorcery2,500
O, Flame!Incantation6,000
Lord’s Aid Incantation2,500
Carian Slicer Sorcery1,500
Lord’s Heal Incantation8,000
Star Shower Sorcery10,000
Glintstone Cometshard Sorcery12,000
Great Glintstone Shard Sorcery2000

Church of Vows Upgrade Materials

You can collect a following Upgrade Materials from the location:

Upgrade MaterialsEffectType
Golden Tailoring Tools
Golden Tailoring Tools
Allows demigod garb alteration at sites of graceKey Item
Gold Sewing Needle
Gold Sewing Needle
A special sewing needle for demigod attireKey Item

Church of Vows Equipment and Magic

Here, we have a shared list of Equipment and Magic that can get from Church of Vows Location Elden Ring:

  • Magic Glintblade
  • Blessing’s Boon
  • Carian Greatsword

Church of Vows Boss

Bell Bearing Hunter is an optional boss present at the location. You can ignore it and don’t need to defeat it. The boss can be found in various locations other than the Church of Vows. At this location, the field type boss can be visible at night.

We hope the Church of Vows Location Elden Ring Guide will help you to explore the sub-location of Liurnia of the Lakes easily. If you have any queries related to the location then you can ask us in the comment section given below. You can also explore other location guides like Elden Ring Limgrave Guide and  Deeproot Depths Location Guide.

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