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Castle Sol Location Elden Ring, Boss, Weapons, Items



Castle Sol Location Elden Ring, Boss, Weapons, Items

Elden Ring Castle Sol is a location that can be found in the Mountaintops of the Giants in the Northeast. Players can reach Castle Sol Location in Elden Ring with the help of this guide. In this guide we are going to cover all about Castle Sol Location, Bosses, Weapons, Items and other information so, be with us till the end and know everything about the location.

Castle Sol Location Guide

Castle Sol is located in Mountaintops of the Giants in the northeast. You can go there by crossing the northern bridge from Stragazer’s Ruines or you can go from the Minor Erdtree.

Castle Sol Location Elden Ring

At the main entrance of the Castle Sol, you can see a Lioh Guardian roaming the main courtyard. You can defeat the enemy and collect 1138 Runes, Somber Smithing Stone [1], Beast Blood and Old Fang x2. Apart from this, there are lots of things to collect by exploring the place and obtain by defeating the boss like Commander Niall.

Castle Sol Boss

At the location, you can encounter a boss named Commander Niall. The boss is a difficult human enemy and an optional boss. You don’t need to defeat Commander Niall to advance the game. You can defeat the boss to obtain the following items:

  • 90000 Runes
  • 180000 Runes (NG+)
  • Veteran’s Prosthesis

Castle Sol’s Regular Creatures and Enemies

Here, we have listed all the Regular Creatures & Enemies that can be found at Castle Sol:

  • Banished Knight (Spectral)
    • Drops
      • 400 Runes
      • Banished Knight’s Greatsword
      • Banished Knight Set
      • Banished Knight’s Shield
      • Banished Knight’s Halberd
  • Bladed Talon Eagle
    • Drops
      • 98 Runes
      • Warhawk’s Talon
      • Flight Pinion
      • Stormhawk Feather
  • Castle Guard (Spectral)
    • Drops
      • 39 – 938 Runes
      • Exile Set
      • Torchpole
      • Stormhawk Feather
      • Soldier’s Crossbow
  • Lone Wolf
    • Drops
      • Thin Animal Bones
      • Lump of Flesh
      • 66 Runes
  • Lion Guardian
    • Drops
      • 1138 Runes
      • Somber Smithing Stone [1]
      • Beast Blood
      • Old Fang x2

Castle Sol Elden Ring’s Items

You can collect the following items from the Castle Sol:

Freezing GreaseConsumable ItemCoats armament, inflicting frost
Golden Rune (9)Consumable ItemUse to gain many runes
Golden Rune (10)Consumable ItemUse to gain a great many runes
Nascent ButterflyCrafting MaterialMaterial used for crafting items
Thawfrost Boluses x 4Consumable ItemAlleviates buildup of frost
Smithing Stone (5) x 1Upgrade MaterialReinforce armaments up to +15
Smithing Stone (6) x 1Upgrade MaterialReinforce armaments up to +18
Smithing Stone (7) x 3Upgrade MaterialReinforce armaments up to +21
Somber Smithing Stone (8) x 2Upgrade MaterialReinforce special armaments to +8
Cerulean Amber Medallion +1TalismanRaises maximum FP
Eclipse ShotelCurved SwordGood Weapon
Fan Daggers x 5Consumable ItemThrown fanned-out knives at enemies to inflict damage
Veteran’s ProsthesisFistGood Weapon
Stormhawk AxeAxeGood Weapon
Furlcalling Finger RemedyMultiplayer Item and ConsumableReveals co-op and hostile summoning signs
Haligtree Secret Medallion (Left)Key ItemJoin medallions to operate Grand Lift of Rold
Sorcerer PaintingInfo ItemExamine using the corresponding button
Stonesword Key Key ItemUse to break one imp statue seal

That’s we cover all about the Elden Ring Castle Sol Location, Boss, Items and full guide. You can also explore the Elden Ring Location guide like Elden Ring Gatefront Ruin Location and Elden Ring Apostate Derelict Location.

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