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Black Bow Location In Elden Ring Guide

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Black Bow Location In Elden Ring

Want to get the best weapon for Bow Builds then you must check out this Black Bow Location In Elden Ring Guide to find the Bows and use them in an effective way.

Black Bow is an awesome weapon carved from black wood. It also takes a lot of effort if you want to master the weapon. Black Bow required 9 Strengths and 20 Dexterity. You can use this weapon in a better way for the Bow Builds.

The player can upgrade the weapons by using Somber Smithing Stones and sell them for 200 Runes. Here, you can check out the Black Bow location.

Where to Find Black Bow in Elden Ring

The first thing that you need to do in order to get the weapon is get the access of the Leyndell, The Royal Capital. You will find closest Site of Grace fast travel point near the Avenue Balcony Site of grace.

Once you will reach the place you will see a gate and you have to take the stairs in order to reach the place, after you will be there you have to take the first right and then again you have to move towards the right and also you have to be careful from various enemies those are roaming around the area.

Now drop down and take right from the corner and one you will reach the top you need to take left from there and you will encounter huge no. of burned bodies their a terrifying scene and you should keep moving and you will witness Claymen who try to defeat you but kill them and keep moving.

And you will reach a point where you will find staris that is going inside the huge building, so you have to take the stairs and reach the center of it and there you will see a low roof on the right and you have to reach to that roof by jumping on it.

And once you are there you have to keep the momentum by jumping from roof to another and then you will find a pick up indicator and after interacting with that you will have the Black Bow and now you will be able to conquer the world.

Black Bow has Barrage skill and Strength Scaling E and Dex Scaling D. That’s we shared everything about the Black Bow Location. You can also check out How To Aim Crossbow In Elden Ring and other guides in our Elden Ring Guides section.

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