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What Is Hip Fire In Call Of Duty Mobile

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What Is Hip Fire In Call Of Duty Mobile

Call Of Duty Mobile is a huge game with a huge number of players and the players have many different kinds of questions when they start with the game one similar question that arises in the mind of COD players is what is Hip Fire In Call Of Duty Mobile and here we have answered the question of many.

COD Mobile is an action game where players have played the game on different maps and the one who stands till the last wins the game. It is also a skill-based game where you have to acquire some important skills to defeat your enemies.

And acquiring good aim can be a great skill that can help a player to win a match and one can use 1-tap ADS which helps you to aim better and kill your enemy, but opening a ADS takes time the time is very small but still, a second can cost you game.

And at that point in time Hip Fire is a great option that can help you to kill the enemy quickly and now the question arises here is what is Hip Fire?

What Is Hip Fire In Call Of Duty Mobile

So a Hip Fire means firing at your opponent without opening the ADS and this really very helpful at close combats as opening ADS will take time and you will be killed during that time. But at the same time using the hip fire for the long-distance kill will not be useful as it will reduce your accuracy.

How To Use Hip Fire In COD Mobile?

So when starting with the game all the guns are set in the ADS mode which is the default mode and if you want to switch from ADS mode to Hip Fire then you need to go to the setting option and there you can find the option to enable the Hip Fire mode.


  • So at the left-hand side of the screen, you can see a gear icon that you have to click and you will be redirected to the setting menu.
  • And there you will find a control tab and you have click on that particular tab.
  • Once you will hit that button you will be redirected to a complete new page where you have to enable the hip fire option.
  • In the advance mode you will also get the option to arange your controls according to your prefrence so that you can play better.

Once the player is done with the process he can see the hip fire button on their screen and they can easily use the button to fire at a much higher speed so that you can defeat your enemy before they defeat you. And if you want to increase your accuracy with hip fire then you may have to use a laser pointer which will make the thing easy for you.

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