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Call of Duty

Call Of Duty All Bunker Locations Caldera, Codes, And More



Call Of Duty All Bunker Locations Caldera, Codes, And More

If you are an early player of Warzone then you must have an idea about the infamous Bunkers which is a great place to get a huge amount of loot they were in Warzone Pacific but now we want to find the bunkers in Calders and their codes so as to gain a huge loot and here we will be sharing the exact location for all the excited players.

We all know how important skills are in the game to defeat your opponent but without proper weapons and equipment one will not be able to give his best and that’s why it becomes very important for every player to get the proper knowledge about the bunkers like there locations and how you can get inside those bunkers.

Call Of Duty Bunker Locations

In the below image you can see the bunkers that are currently visible to us as of February 2022, But we can expect more bunkers to appear in the game as the year will pass.

Call Of Duty Bunker Locations

1) West Beachhead Bunker

If you want the entrance of the West Beachhead Bunker then at the South Beachhead you will find five tents in a raised area and beneath the area, you will be able to find the entrance of the bunker, The entrance is a safer one when compared to other one and is also cooler then the other.

  • Code For West Beachhead Bunker – Yet Not Discovered (will update soon once find out)
West Beachhead Bunker

2) West Peak Bunker

The area is very exposed so you have to be very careful when you will be trying to enter the Bunker and on the west side of the slope of the peak, you will be able to find the bunker entrance and try not to be seen while entering the bunker.

  • Code For The West Peak Bunker – Yet Not Discovered (will update soon once find out)
West Peak Bunker

3) East Beachhead Bunker

This one is quite a dangerous bunker as it is near to a busy station so before you make any move make sure that nobody is watching you.

  • Code For The East Beachhead Bunker – (will update soon once find out)
3) East Beachhead Bunker

What You Can Find In A Bunker

In the bunker, you can expect four blue and orange crates and along with that, you will get at least five premium items like killstreaks, self-revive, gas mask, armor satchel, and more. And that amount of loot will be enough for you to defeat your opponent or if not satisfied then you can camp the entrance of the bunker so that you will get double benefit like you will get both kill and loot.

Steps To Use Bunker Codes

The process of using Bunker Codes is very easy but the drawback is that you will be vulnerable for a small span of time so whenever you are using it make sure you got covered with your teammates.

  • So first you have locate the bunker entrance that we have mentioned above.
  • After that you have to approach the door and then on the right side you can find a keypad.
  • As soon as you can in contact with the door you will be asked whether you want to interact with the keypad, make sure you do that.
  • And then you complete screen will be covered with the Keypad to enter code.
  • Now you simply have to enter the 8 digit number (code) and the doors will be open for you.
  • Now you can easily enter the tunnel and can enjoy the loot.
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