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How To Teleport In ARK Fjordur Between Realms/Zones




How To Teleport In ARK Fjordur Between Realms/Zones

If you know how to teleport in ARK Fjordur between Realms/Zones, it can be very helpful for you in the game. The different realms where you can teleport to are the Asgard, Jotunheim, and Vanaheim.

Fjordur is the latest expansion of the Ark Survival, and in this expansion, there are many different hidden secrets available for the players one of them is different zones with excellent gameplay, and to teleport to these zones we need to find their respective teleporters.

You won’t find any kind of similarities when compared to the different zones as they have different kinds of items, creatures, and tools. So if you want to get to these zones and want to play the interesting gameplay then below you can check the guide on how to teleport in ARK Fjordur.

How To Teleport In ARK Fjordur Between Realms/Zones

glowing orb

So there are three different realms where you can teleport to and face the deadly creatures and amazing items, and the central location where you can find the teleporter is at 40.1, 57.7. coordinates where latitude 40.1and longitude 57.7.

You will find the teleporters inside the cave in the particular coordinates so you have to move ahead inside the cave until you found the terminals and those terminals will help you reach the different zones.

All you have to do after reaching the teleporters is to interact with them which will activate them and take you to the respective realm. If you want to know which teleporter takes you to which realem then you will find glowing orb there, go near the orb and it will show you where it will teleport you.

But if you are playing multiplayer mode then you can do it easily by just pressing the R button and you will be able to see different relams so you can now easily select on which realm you want to go.

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