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ARK Fjordur: How To Tame Basilisk Complete Guide




How To Tame Basilisk

Basilisk is an amazing creature in ARK: Survival Evolved how has an incredibly heavyweight and can be a great transporter so it can very helpful in transporting heavy weights. And you can find him with a three-forked tail picking out of the ground and waiting for its prey as he is hidden underground and as soon as the prey comes near Basilisk it will attack the prey with deadly venom.

Once it consumed its prey it goes back under the ground quickly and starts waiting for the next prey to consume. And the creature is really a huge one that if you compared to its cousin Titanoboa Basilisk will easily surpass him in size and weight. The creature is without legs and sharp pointed teeth and also has some backward-facing scary long horns on the head. And you can find them sporadically across most of the Aberration. And we have also shared some of the coordinated below so do check them out.

How To Defeat Basilisk In ARK

So the first thing you need to keep in your mind is that you must not fight Basilisk alone and take a decent creature or have a good weaponry system with you. Although Basilisk does not take much to defeat still its venomous attack can kill you so keep a good distance while fighting or take Gas Mask with you that will help you negate the poison.

If you are using weapons in order to battle with Basilisk then you must go with the ranged weapons like Compound Bow, and Assault Rifle and it also depends on their levels while you are trying to kill them with your weapons.

How To Tame Basilisk

How To Tame Basilisk

So the process to Tame Basilisk is completely non-violent and with the help of the Rock Dark Egg, we will be taming Basilisk you need to make sure that you have enough Rock Dark Egg in your inventory.

So once you find the Basilisk you need to drop the eggs on the ground and he will immediately attack the egg and consume it which will start the taming process after consuming he will move away and you again have to drop an egg from a safe point and he will again consume the egg and you have to do the process until the taming bar is full and once the bar is full the creature is yours.

Hope you get the proper information for your query if still face any problems do let us know in the comment section and we will help you out.

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