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How To Tame Andrewsarchus In ARK Fjordur




How To Tame Andrewsarchus In ARK Fjordur

If you are a old Ark Survival player then you must have idea that with every new update they introduce new creatures to hunt and tame and case is same with the Fjordur, you can find multiple new creatures in the latest update and Andrewsarchus is one of them that players can hunt and then tame.

But before you can tame them you first have to find them and that’s why here on this page we will share the location with the help of which locate him.

Andrewsarchus ARK Fjordur Location

In order to find Andrewsarchus you have to visit the South-West of Fjord region, and if you have got GPS then with the help of below cordinates you can find his location.

  • 46.78, 91.36
  • 56.4, 31.57
  • 60.98, 25.40
  • 60.80, 27.31
  • 39.72, 82.27
  • 57.30, 30.15
  • 23.80, 70.56
  • 60.81, 27.40
  • 15.83, 68.22
  • 46.68, 91.34

We are also in the search of more locations where can find Andrewsarchus and once we will find the locations we will update them here also if you have the access of more locations where you can find the creature then do let us know and we will add it here.

How To Tame Andrewsarchus In ARK Fjordur?

Tame Andrewsarchus In ARK

If you want to tame a Andrewsarchus then there are few very important items that you must have and below we have mentioned them check them out:

  • Honey (Necessary)
  • Ghillie Armor (Optional)
  • Crossbow (Optional)

Honey is a very important item and you should have few Giant Bee Honey and you have two different option either you have farm the honey where you want to tame the creature or you can ahve it from the standard bee hive.

As the honey you will harvest will not in good condition for long time then better will be you won’t harvest too much and go for a few may be around 20-30. And Ghillie Armor and Crossbow are not the must have items but they can make the process a bit easy for you as Ghillie will reduce the 50% vision range that don’t let Andrewsarchus spooked easily.

And Crossbow helps you climbing as if the creature gets out of control then you can escape the place. So now the real process will begin and you have to get closer to Andrewsarchus and throw the honey and because of his sweet tooth he will immediately try to eat it and at that time you have to climb on its back.

As soon as you will be on its back you will see two different arrows on the screen and you have to focus on them as when the arrow get green you have to that one until its gets red and have to do that until you properly tamed the creature but if you didn’t do that properly you can loose the control and have to restart the complete process.

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