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ARK Fjordur: How To Tame A Wyvern Complete Guide




How To Tame A Wyvern

Do you want to tame a Wyvern in ARK: Survival Evolved then sadly you won’t be able to do that with a full-grown Wyvern but don’t worry still there is a way and we will be sharing the method here but before that, we will see few things about the Wyvern.

So you will mostly find them flying around mountains and because of their aggressive nature they also tend to attack players whenever they see them but there is a exception too and that is forest Wyvern do does not attack at all.

They are one of the most powerful and dangerous creatures of the ARK world because of its great powers and awesome speed. And if we talk about their appearance then you can assume them as a stereotypical dragon with long jaw, huge wings and long and powerful tail.

Types Of Wyvern

There are five different types of Wyverns available in the game and those are Fire, Lighting, Ice, Poision, and Forest Wyvern. Each of the Wyvern has their own powers and ability that we have discussed below.

  • Fire Wyvern – You will mostly found them in reddish-brown, red, orange, orange-brown, or even just brown shade and one thing you can guess with their name is one of its ability which is also the unique one and that is Fire Breathing power which only Fire Wyvern can perform.
  • Lightning Wyvern – You will mostly found them in any shade of blue or purple and you can also you can identify them from their grey/black with paler lightning-shaped grey/black with paler lightning-shaped wings. And they also have the power to breath the beam of lighting.
  • Ice Wyvern – Mostly you will find them in light blue shade but in rare events you can also find them in green, black, or grey. They also have the power and ability to breathe ice to destroy their enemies.
  • Poison Wyverns – Either you will find them in green or in green-grey shade, but some time have also seen in black and in purple shade. You can also identify them because of their more flattered and wider heads. They also breath poison from their mouth and kill their enemies.
  • Forest Wyvern – Forest Wyvern is the only Wyvern that is available in only one shade and that this bright red. And also it does not have any unique ability like other who can breathe fire or ice.

So that about the types of Wyvern and now you have enough information regarding the Wyvern and now lets talk about the taming process of a Wyvern.

How To Tame A Wyvern

Although you can not acquire a full grown Wyvern but you can steal the egg of a Wyvern and then hatch it and then you can tame a Wyvern. So there four different kinds of Wyvern Egg Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Poision.

But stealing the egg of Wyvern is not a piece of cake and you have to go through a really tough situation as the eggs were guarded by their parents and as we talked about them how dangerous they can be so you have to be very carful while stealing the egg. (Wyvern Egg Locations: Ice, Fire, Poison, Lightning) check this article in order to get their locations.

And one more thing you must give preference to a high level egg as they will not get level-boosted after taming and will be same as their parents which means if you steal a low level egg then you will have a low level Wyvern with you that nobody actually wants.

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